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二. Read and judge(找出划线部分与所给例词含有不同音素的单词,将字母代号填入括号内):4% ( ) 1. draw A. driver B. tree C. dress ( ) 2. cow A. now B. how C. window ( ) 3. cook A. school B. book C. foot ( ) 4. tree A. sheep B. eleven C. me

三. Choose the best answer(选词填空,每词限用一次):24%

A) 用am, is, are, have, has填空:

1. ---What __________ I? ---__________ you a waitress?

2. ---I some bread for my mother. 3. ---Here some milk for you. I think ,you’ll like it!

B) 用my, your, his, her, our填空:

1. ---The girl in red is happy. ____________ name is Alice.

2. ---Old MacDonald has five chicks on ____________ farm.

3. ---____________ mother is a good nurse. I love her.

4. ---Today is ____________ birthday. Happy birthday to you!

C) 用what, who, where, how many, how much填空: 1. ---_______________ is your T-shirt? ---100 yuan.

2. ---_______________ dresses are there? ---There are 100.

3. ---_______________ is a teacher? ---Our father is.

4. ---_______________ does your brother do? ---He’s a student.

四、请你选择正确答案。(10%) ( ) 1. What’s in your

desk? .

A. It’s a copybook. B. Yes , it’s a copybook. C. No, it isn’t. ( ) 2. What’s the time,

please? .

A. This is five thirty. B. It’s five thirty. C. At five thirty.

( ) 3. —Here’s a new sweater _______ you. —Thank you.

A. in B. to C. for

( ) 4. —Do you like ? —No, I _______.

A. doll,do B.dolls, don’t C. dolls , not

( ) 5. —What’s one and one?. — _______.

A. Eleven B. Ten C. Two

( ) 6. She _______ so funny. A. looks B. look C. looking

( ) 7. My coat is very _______, but I like it. A. nice B. short C. pretty

( ) 8. —It’s nine. Go to bed, David. —All right._______, Mum.

A. Good night B. Good morning C. Good evening

( ) 9. I go home _______ the afternoon. A. in B. at C. on ( ) 10. —I’m tired. —_______.

A.Here’s some water. B.Sit down, please. C. Have a hot dog , please.


( )1.I’m tired . A. It’s Wang Ling’s . ( )2.What’s the matter ? B. At eight . ( )3.Whose sweater is this ? C. Sure.Here you are .

( )4.What time do you go to bed ? D. No,I don’t . I like dolls .

( )5.Do you like kites ? E. It’s in the desk .

( )6.May I have a toy tiger? F. Sorry , Miss Li . ( )7.What’s that in English? G. It’s one ten.

( )8.Where’s your dog ? H. It’s a lion.

( )9.Don’t draw on your desk. I. Why don’t you go to bed ?

( )10.What’s the time ? J. I’m cold.

六. Reading comprehension(阅读理解):8%

一.Read and judge (阅读短文判断,用“T”表示符合短文,用“F”表示不符合短文): The boys and girls are playing in the park. The girls are singing and dancing under a big tree. The boys are playing football near the big tree. There are many flowers and trees in the park. The flowers are colourful(五颜六色). They’re beautiful. The trees are green. They’re big and strong. There is a woman there. She has a red dress and a pair of white shoes. Who is she? Oh, she’s Miss Wang, the children’s teacher. She is looking at the girls. She has a smiling face(笑脸). All the people are having a good time.

( )1. The girls are singing and dancing in the park.

( )2. Mr. Wang has a pair of white shoe.

( )3. The trees are strong, but they are small. ( )4. The children and their teacher are very happy.

二.Read and choose the best answer(阅读短文,选择最佳答案): Hello, I am Tom White. I’m a pupil of Garden School. I have got two black pencils. They aren’t long. They are in my hand. Now I am in the classroom. My classroom number is 315. This is Miss Green. She’s my English teacher. She’s got a pair of glasses on her nose. She’s in the classroom, too. That is Miss Wang. She is a Chinese teacher. She is short, but she is nice. Now she’s in the school garden. We love our teachers and they love us, too.

( ) 1. _______________ is a Chinese teacher

A. Tom White B. Miss

Wang C. Miss Wang

( ) 2. Tom’s pencils are _______________.

A. short B. not black C. in the pencil box

( ) 3. The pair of glasses is _______________.

A. Tom White’s B. Miss Green’s C. Miss Wang’s

( ) 4. Miss Green and Tom are ____________.

A. in Classroom 215 B. in the school garden C. in Classroom 315

七. Write some sentences(写话项目):4%







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