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新人教版三年级上Unit4 we love animals第二课时教案(全英文)

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Unit Four We love animals. Part A


The second period

Ⅰ.Contents: Let’s learn; Let’s chant.

Ⅱ.Teaching Aims: 1.Learn five words: pig, bear, cat, duck, dog.

2. Learn the chant.

Ⅲ.Teaching key points: pig, bear, cat, duck, dog.

Difficult points: fat; big; on the log; in the truck; on the pear.

Ⅳ. Teaching aids: Text VCD; computer; cards of the animals: pig, bear, cat, duck, dog. Cards of the characters in this book: Zoom, Sarah, Miss White, Wu Yifan, Chen Jie, Mike, Mr Jones, John and Zip. Cards of the body parts.

Ⅴ.Teaching procedure:

Step 1 Greeting

How are you? I’m fine, thank you. Fine, thanks. Very well, thanks. Not bad. Just so so.

Ss ask the characters in this book. I ask the Ss randomly. Step 2 Warm-up/ Revision

1. Read and spell the body part words together.

2. Read and recite “Let’s talk”.

Step 3 Presentation and Practice

Let’s learn

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