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(PEP)小学六年级英语上册 期末试题

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小学六年级英语上册 期末试题

班级 姓名 分数



1. A. woof B. choose C. wood

2. A. shirt B. cleaner C. learn

3. A. boat B. cabbage C. thumb

4. A. water B. gas C. bat

5. A. actor B. cinema C. cloud


6. acc_____nt A. ou B. uo C. oa

7. bookst____ A. or B. ore C. ure

8. c__m__c A. e,I B. o,u C. o,i

9. str____m A. ae B. ea C. ee

10. sh_____d A. oul B. ou C. ol


A 汉译英 B 英译汉

11.骑自行车_____________ 16. come from___________

12. 电视台记者____________17. play a violin__________

13. 摩托车________________18. make kites___________

14. 露出,出现______________19. get off______________

15. 醒来__________________ 20. traffic rule___________


21. I teach lessons. I am a __________________.

22. I clean streets. I am a ___________________.

23. I sing songs. I am a ____________________.

24. Tom dances. He is a ____________________.

25. Mary writes stories. She is a _____________.


26.What’s your hobby?

A. Swiming B. Swimming C. Swim

27. Does your mother wash clothes?

A. Yes, she doesn’t B. Yes, he does C. No, she doesn’t

28. What does Tom do?

A. Tom goes to school. B. Tom is a boy C. Tom is a teacher

29. How does he go to school?

A. On feet B. By foot C. On foot

30. He likes ________planes. He likes ________,too.

A. make/swimming B. making / swimming C. making / swim

31. I don’t have a brother_________sister.

A. or B. and C. the

32. He usually plays at the park __________ Sunday.

A. in B. at C. on

33. Who is he? He is _________ brother.

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