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1 An __________(飞机) is faster than a train.

2 My cousin wears _________ . (眼镜)

3 The girl is __________(比…高) than the boy.

4 These are ______________. (衣服)

5 He _________ (跑) faster than his brother.


1 My father _______ in a store. A work B works C working

2 _________ points right on a map. A South B East C West

3 Jenny and I _______ good friends.

A am B is C are

4 ______ do you go to school? By bus.

A How B How far C How many

5 Canada is far _______ China.

A from B to C on

6 -----________________? -------- I’m standing and reading a story book.

A What do you do? B Where are you going? C What are you


7 ------__________________________? ------It’s sunny, but cool.

A What’s the weather forcast B Is it sunny C Is it cool?

8 We are going to the ________ to buy tickets.

A restaurant B train station C store

9 ---________ for the jacket? -----Eighty yuan.

A How old B How many C How much

10 ________ do they do ? They are police officers.

A What B How C Where


1 is a this map Canada of


2 it colour is what ____________________________________

3 green it’s _________________________________

4 is where it _________________________________

5 is north it of U.S. the


6 you of know capital do city the Canada _____________________________________________________________________

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