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班级__________ 姓名__________ 成绩_______

一、听录音,选与录音内容相符合的一项,字母编号填在题前的括号里。(10分) ( )1、A. bedroom B. bathroom C. classroom

( )2、 A curtain B. conditioner C. kitchen

( ) 3、 A. closet B. clothes C. clean

( )4、A. near B. here C. where

( )5. A. mirror B. trash bin C. end table

( ) 6. A. river B. living C. city

( ) 7. A. The sky is blue. B. The lake is blue. C. The sea is blue.

( ) 8. A. Miss White is my math teacher.

B. Mr. White is my math teacher.

C. Miss White is my music teacher..

( ) 9. A. There is a computer on the desk.

B. There are two computers on the desk.

C. I can see a computer on the desk.

( ) 10. A. I have a new room.

B. We have a new classroom.

C. We have a new classmate.


1. 垃圾箱 2.书架 3. 空调 4. 床头柜 5. 窗帘

( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

( )6.Jack has blue curtains in his room.

( )7.There is a shelf near the end table.

( )8. We can see a big mirror in the bedroom.

( )9. The computer is on the bed.

( )10. There is a bed, a table, and a closet in the room.

三、.听录音,选出你所听到的句子的最佳应答,把答案填在括号里。(10分) ( )1A.I like playing sports. B. I can play football. C. I often play basketball. ( )2、 A. It’s nice and small. B. It’s red.

C. It’s in front of the park.

( )3、A. She likes fruits. B. She is beautiful. C. He is active.

( )4、A. There are many fish in it. B. There are many desks in it.

C. They are clothes.

( )5、A. Yes, he is. B. Yes, she is. C. Yes, I can.


1. Can Sarah ___________ the ________? No, she _________.

2. I ___________grapes. They’re ___________.

I have _________ for lunch.

3. Are there ____________ ____________ in the village? Yes, there are.

4. What ___________ is it today? It’s ______________.


( ) 1. Mike’s mother is hungry.

( ) 2. Mike would like some potatoes for lunch.

( ) 3. The potatoes are salty.

( ) 4. Bread is tasty.

( ) 5.Cakes are Mike’s mother’s favourite food.



A.Because the air is fresh. B. Where is the village?

C. Are there any trees in it? D .What’s in the village?

E. Are the flowers near the river? F. Do you like the nature park.?

G. Are there any flowers near the river?

A: ________________________________________________?

B: There is a river, a bridge and a mountain.

A: _________________________________________________?

B: Yes, there are many trees in it. .

A: __________________________________________________? B: No, there aren’t any flowers near the river..

A: ___________________________________________________? B: Yes, I like the nature park.

A: Why do you like it?

B: _________________________________________.


Hello. I am Jack. I come from America. I like Chinese food very much. I often have mutton, tofu, fish and cabbage in Chinese restaurant. My favourite fruit is apples, because they are sweet. But my brother doesn’t like apples. He likes oranges and grapes. I like Chinese class, because my Chinese teacher is very funny. I have four Chinese classes every week. I have many Chinese books on my shelf.

( ) 1. Jack is ________________.

A. Chinese B. American.

( ) 2. Jack likes____________.

A. oranges B. apples.

( ) 3. Jack’s brother doesn’t like ___________.

A. grapes B. apples.

( ) 4. Jack’s Chinese teacher is ___________.

A. funny B. active.

( ) 5. Jack has ___________ Chinese classes every week.

. A. four B.two.

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