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We Have the Same Mother

Ben and Jim are twin brothers.They are nine.They are pupils.They study in Yuxin Primary School.They are in the same class.Everyday they go to school and come back together.

Their teacher, Mrs Green, says to the pupils,” please write a composition ‘My Mother’.”

Jim is a good boy.He writes the composition at home.But Ben plays football with his friends.The next day Mrs Green says to the class,” I read your compositions today.But two of yours are just the same.” Ben stands up and says,” Jim and I are twins.We have the same mother.”


1.They are twins, so they have the same mother.( )

2.They are brothers so they have the same parents.( )

3.They are twins, so they are good pupils.( )

4.They have the same mother, so their compositions are the same.( )


1.Jim and Ben are _____ .

2.Jim and Ben are in _____ Primery School.

3.The title of the composition is “ “.

4. is a good student, he writes the composition.

5.Ben does not with his friends.

The Man and the Monkey

A monkey likes miming man’s action.One day a man wants to play a joke on the monkey.First he gives the monkey a banana.So when he peels the banana, the monkey peels, too. He eats, the monkey eats, the monkey eats.He smiles, the monkey smiles.He pretends angry, the monkey shows an angry face.At last, the man picks up a stone and pretends to hit his head by himself, but the monkey makes a face to him and do an action.That is to say“How stupid you are!”

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