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PEP五年级英语上册 期末试卷

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五年级英语上册 期末试卷

班级 姓名 成绩_____

一、Listen and choose the words.选出所听到的单词。

( )1.A.pen B.pencil C.ruler

( )2.A. Chinese B. math C. music

( )3.A. puppy B. rabbit C. parrot

( )4. A.thick B. thin C. that

( )5.A. hard B.soft C. teeth

( )6 A. jelly B. Sweet C. lollipop

( )7. A. angry B. hungry C. sorry

( )8.A.soup B. shop C. water

( )9. A.breakfast B.lunch C. supper

( )10.A.bun B.feel C. home

二、Listen and tick or cross.听,判断正误。

( ) 1. Peter likes collecting stickers.

( ) 2.This sign means “No parking.”

( ) 3.Dongdong likes jelly.

( ) 4. My mothers makes the bed.

( ) 5. Can I borrow a ruler, please?

三、Listen and order the sentences. 听音,给句子排序。

( ) Jane wants to have a pet.

( ) Jane and her father are at the pet shop.

( ) “This parrot is very noisy!” Her father says.

( )She chooses a pretty parrot.

( )They go home happily with the cute kitten.

( )So he lets jane choose a kitten.


happy sad angry sorry shy

1. The boy feels_________. 2. The girls feels _________.

3.Meiling feels _________to sing in class. 4. Mrs Lin is ________. She has lost her ring.

5.Mr Chen is _________.

五.Look and write.看图写单词

pc t


六、Read and match.句子配对

( )1.Which one do you want? A. I like roller-blading. ( )2.Can I have a puppy? B. The thick one, please.

( )3. Do you have and hobbies? C. Yes, you can.

( )4.What time do you get up? D. It means “No mobile phone”

( )5.What does that sign mean? E.I get up at 7:00

八、Rearrange the words to make sentences.连词成句

1.cold I ?d a like drink _______________________________________.

2.Do have you hobbies any ______________________________________?

3.time What do get you up ____________________ ?

4.sweets like I ______________________________________.

5.My helps father me ______________________________________.

6.Can have I puppy a ______________________________________.

九、Fill in the blanks with correct words.选择正确的词填空。

1.have haven’t

Peter: Do you _______ any fruit cards.

Linda: No, I __________.

2.can can’t

Anne: _________ I have a puppy?

Dongdong: No, you __________.

3.borrow Thank you welcome

Anne: Can I _______ your ruler?

Tim: Yes, you can. Here you are.

Anne: ________________.

Tim: You?re _______________.

4.What can please

Anne: __________ do you want, Peter?

Peter: Can I borrow a pencil,_______________?

Anne: Yes, you ____________.

十.Read and choose the correct answers.读短文,选择正确的答案。

Jenny is a pretty and nice girl. She is ten years old. She goes to school at half past seven every day. She likes English, math and music

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