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Hello, I am Chen Jie. I am a student in Class 5, Guangming Primary(小学) School. There are forty-five students in my class. Our class is on the first floor. Look! Miss Wang is coming. She is our English teacher. It's 9:00 now. It's time for English class. Miss Wang is a beautiful teacher. We like her very much. She wears a colourful dress today. It's very pretty. My mother has such a(这样一件)dress too. It's very expensive. It's 100 yuan.


1.9 o'clock is for English class. ( )

2.There are 55 students in my class. ( )

3.Mrs Wang is our Chinese teacher. ( )

4.We like our English teacher. ( )

5.The dress is not cheap. ( )

My Grandpa's farm

My grandfather has a big farm. There are sixteen lambs, fourteen goats, sixty sheep and twelve cows. There are many fruit trees, one hundred apple trees, twenty-six pear trees and seventy bananas. My grandma likes vegetables very much, so there are mamy tomatoes, carrots and patatoes. My grandpa likes patatoes, I like them, too.


( )1. My grandpa has a farm, it's big.

( )2. At the farm there are 16 goats and 40 cows.

( )3. My grandpa has 169 trees.

( )4. My grandpa and I like patatoes.

( )5. I can eat fruits at the fram.

Dear Grandma,

Thank you for the new sandals. They are cool. It is hot in Tancheng. It’s sunny too. I can wear my new sandals. I have a new T-shirt. My old T-shirt is too small.

I want to buy a new dress.It’s ninety-nine yuan.It’s very pretty. I think it’s cheap.What is the weather like in Harbin?Is it hot?



Chen Jie

( ) 1. It is cold in Tancheng.

( ) 2. Chen Jie has a new T-shirt.

( ) 3. The T-shirt is pretty.

( ) 4. Sarah wants to buy a new dress.

( ) 5. It is hot in Harbin.

Asistant: Can I help you?

Chen Jie: Yes, I want a pair of boots.

Asistant: What colour do you like? Chen Jie: I like blue.

Asistant: What size?

Chen Jie: Size five.

Asistant: How about this pair?

Chen Jie: They are very nice. How much are they?

Asistant: They’re fifty yuan.

Chen Jie: OK, I’ll take them. Here is the money.

Asistant: Thank you. Bye.

Chen Jie: Bye-bye.

( ) (1) Chen Jie wants a pair of boots.

( ) (2) Chen Jie likes blue.

( ) (3) The boots are 15 yuan.

( ) (4) Chen Jie likes the boots very much.

( ) (5) Chen Jie is on the farm.

I'm Mike. I'm in Shanghai. It's very hot and sunny now. I can wear my new T-shirt. And my old hat is too small. I want to buy a new one. But it's too expensive. It's fifty yuan.

( )1.Mike is in Shanghai.

( )2.Mike has a new T-shirt.

( )3.The hat is forty yuan.

( )4.It's sunny in Shanghai.

( )5.Mike’s old hat is too big.

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