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1、I 和me.

我是一名学生。 _____ am a student.

妈妈喜欢我。 Mother likes ______.

2、We 和 us.

我们是中国人。 _______ are Chinese.

父母爱我们。 Parents love ______.

3、you 人称代词最容易记住的。(你能翻译下列句子吗?试一试!) 你是一名学生。 我喜欢你。 你们是学生。 我爱你们。

4、你能推出she 和 her的位置吗?

她是一名护士。 ______ is a nurse.

你能帮助她。 You can help ______.

5、He和 him

他是我的朋友。______ is my friends. (想想用he还是him呢?) 我想和他一起玩。I want to play with ______.

6、it 的用法。

-Where is my car?

-_____ is over there.

指天气 It is raining outside.

指气候 It is cold in Harbin.

指时间 -What time is it ?

-It’s six o’clock.

7、they和 them.

_______ are listening to the radio.

There are some cats, I like _____ very much.



1、_____(我) am a teacher.

2、My father is talking with______(我)

3、_______ are Chinese.(我们)

4、Her sister is helping ______.(我们)

5、_____ are a beautiful girl.(你)

6、_____ are students.(你们)

7、____ is a cat.(它)

8、______ are playing football.(他们)

9、______ often goes to the park after school.(他)

10、My dog likes _____.(她)

人称代词、物主代词 综合检测。


1. This is(my / I)mother.

2. Nice to meet (your / you).

3. (He / His)name is Mark.

4. What’s(she / her)name?

5. Excuse(me / my / I).

6. Are(your / you)Miss Li?

7. (I/ My)am Ben.

8. (She / Her)is my sister.

9. Fine , thank (your / you).

10. How old is (he / his)

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