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pep五上英语unit6B Read and write

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B read and write & pair work


my village

There is a ......... There are .......

There are many fish in the river.


This is Sarah’s village.

This one is Chen Jie’s village.

Read and answer :

1Are there any pandas in the mountains?
No, there aren’t.

2 Are there any fish in the rivers?

Yes, there are.

rivers fish mountains


tall buildings pandas

Listen and try to imitate: (听录音并试着模仿语音语调)

Make a dialogue:


Design your home in groups and talk about it. (以小组为单位,共同设计未来的家园。 并进行讨论。)

The nature parks are pretty.we all like them.So we should protect our environment.

自然公园很美丽,我们都很喜欢它, 所以我们应该保护我们的环境。

?What have you learned today? ? ? 今天你学到了什么?

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