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牛津6B M1U2

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牛津6B M1U2

Let’s review!
1. 2. 3. 4. 你更喜欢哪个? 与碳相比我更喜欢用电。 消防队员用了十个小时救火。 火灾是怎么引起的?

5. 在农村,香烟、营火和野餐烧烤都能引起 火灾。 6. 我们必须小心。 7. 在家里,没有大人我们千万不能做饭。 8. 当听到火警铃的时候,你必须做什么?

1. 此后,石器时代的家庭在火上 烹饪食物。 2. 食物吃起来更好吃。 3. 他喜欢用木炭做饭。 4. 火灾危险性很高。 5. 直升飞机将水洒在火上。 6. 不要玩火柴。

1. The crab is not cooked. It is r_____. I can’t eat it. 2. The Stone Age people lived in c______. 3. We need a lot of c______ when we want to have a barbecue. We use it to cook meat. 4. There are sixty minutes in an h______. 5. My mother likes to watch TV serials, but my father likes to watch the television n____.

6. C______, camp-fires and barbecues can all start a fire in the countryside. 7. School is over. We need to p____ our school bags quickly and go home. 8. We can’t do a lot of things if we don’t have e_______. We can’t use our computers, and we can’t use our light at night.

New words



空气没有气味。 空气没有味道。 请把房间放放空气。 in the air hot-air balloon air pollution fly through the air

We need air to breathe.

breathe 呼吸 v. [bri?e]

深呼吸 breathe deeply

breath 呼吸 n. [breθ]

out of breath
呼吸急促 气喘吁吁

1. We need air to ______. A. breath B. breathing C. breathe 2. _____ there any air _____in Garden City? A. Is…polluting B. Are…pollution C. Are…polluting D. Is…pollution 3. The chicken wing tastes ____. A. well B. wonderfully C. nice D. the nice

lift lift…up





survival [s?'va?v?l] survivor [s?'va?v?]


1.We can’t _______ without air and water. 2.We need food and water for________. 3.He is the only _______in the earthquake.

alive [?'la?v]

居住,生存, live [l?v] v.活着 adj. 活着的 live /la?v/ 现场直播

活动物 live animals


keep healthy You must look after yourself and keep _____.

keep doing sth. 继续做某 事,一直做某事
Don’t keep your mother waiting.

keep sb./sth + adj. Please keep the door open. It’s hot.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. keep away from… 不靠近 keep a secret 保守秘密 keep off 勿踏,勿踩 keep silence keep quiet 保持安静 keep sb. from doing sth. 阻止某人做某事

1. The earth is our home. We must ____ the land, air and water clean. A. get B. let C. keep D. take 2. I am sorry to have kept you ______ for almost two hours. A. wait B. to wait C. waiting 3. It keeps us ______. A. live B. alive C. lived


['p? r??u? t]


做一个降落伞 make a parachute

['h??k?t??f] handkerchief

According to the picture say the word:

Make a parachute
A. B. C. D. E. F. G. Tie strings to the corners. Taka a square handkerchief. What happens? Put the four strings together. Go to the first floor with an adult. Tie a small object to the strings. Drop the parachute.

1. The parachute ______(fall) down ______(quick). 2. The parachute is _______(open). 3. The parachute hits the playground _______(gentle) 4. There is ______(air/water)in the parachute.

happen ['h? p?n]


你的眼睛怎么了? What happened to your eyes?
=What’s wrong with your eyes?
=What’s the matter with your eyes?

happen to 碰巧
I happened to meet my English teacher on my way home.

a hot-air balloon

What can make a hotair balloon stay up? stay up 停留在空中

1. The air in the city is very dirty. People must stop pollution it. 2. Last night, Tommy fall off his bicycle and hurted his legs. 3. The two children are fighting. What happen to them. 4. The little boy’s grandparents watched him run across the zebra crossing.

construction site

power station

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