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Let’s revise!


Hello! I’m Miss Fang.

Hello! I’m Kitty.

Hello! I’m Peter.

Hello! I’m Joe. Hello! I’m Alice.

Sing a song

I’m Dolly!

Good morning, Mr Li. Good morning, Kitty and Peter.

I’m fine. Thank you. I’m OK. Thank you.

How are you?

Goodbye, Kitty and Peter.
Goodbye, Mr Li.

Sing a song

How are you?

Are you a girl ?

No, I’m not. I’m a boy.

Are you Peter?

No, I’m not. I’m Joe.

Are you Peter?

Yes, I am.

I’m a girl. I’m not a boy.

I’m = I am You’re = You are

This is Kitty. She’s my friend. She is thin.

This is Joe. He’s my friend. He is tall.





Sing a song

two fat boys

My family

He’s my father.

She’s my mother. She’s beautiful.

She’s my sister.

We’re brothers.

This is me.

My hair is short.

My hand is small.

My ears are big. My nose is small.

My mouth is big.

你会吗?Can you?

Hello, I’m ... I’m... My ... Is ... My ... Are ...

Sing a song

My face

In the classroom




Clean the blackboard,please!
Close the door,please!

Open the window,please!

Sing a song

In the classroom

In my room

This is my bed.

These are my books.


desk pen


chair schoolbag

* Is this your pen? Yes, it is. Thank you.
* Are these your books?

Yes, they are. Thank you.

How many balls?

Sing a song


Its ears are long. Its eyes are small. Its mouth is small. Its tail is short.

In spring, it is warm. In summer,it is hot. In autumn, it is cool. In winter, it is cold.

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