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时间状语:now, look, listen,It’s …o’clck,

1. What are you _________(do) now? I ___________(eat) bread.

2. It’s nine o’clock. My father_______________(work) in the office.

3. Look, the boy____________(put) the rubbish into the bin.

4. __________he__________(clean) the classroom? No, he isn’t. He____________(play).

5. Where is Mak? He___________(run) on the grass.

6. Listen, who____________(sing) in the music room? Oh, Mary_____________(sing) there. 将下列句子改成现在进行时

1. Tom can speak Chinese.

2. We have four lessons.

3. I watch TV every day.

4. She works in a hospital.

5. Do you like this book?

6. Kitty and Ben have lunch at about twelve.

7. His father can help them.

8. Danny, open the door.

9. They watch TV in the evening.

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