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开心英语 五年级上册unit 2

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Read & Learn


? ---Yes, I do.

2.---Do you have any envelopes?

---No, I don’t. But I have some

3.---What does she have?

---Yes, he does.

---No, she doesn’t.

1. 你知道吗? 1

__________ (如:a boy, a box )

名词 ___________(如:two boys, three boxes)

___________ (如:water, rice)



map picture water tree flower egg love tea toy horse butter coffee milk knife salt table luck

可数名词: _________________________________________________________

不可数名词: _______________________________________________________


clip ________ book________ 名词后面直接加________;

box________ bus________ 以s ,x ,ch , sh结尾的名词加________;

city________ family________以辅音字母+y结尾,变y为i再加_______;

knife________ leaf________ 以f或fe结尾,变f或 fe 为v再加____;

注意:可数名词中以字母o结尾的名词通常是加s,如:照片(photos),录音机(radios);特殊情况包含有:英雄(heroes)吃番茄(patatoes) 和土豆(tomatoes)有意思(es)。

2. some和any的用法:


例如: I have some rubber bands.

They don’t have any rubber bands.

Does he have any stamps?

由上面的例句可以得出结论:some多用于_______中, 而any多用于和__________中。


如:Can I have some balloons? 我可以要一些气球吗?(请求)

Would you like some coffee? 你想要一些咖啡吗?(请客)



have表示_________,第一、二人称后面用______,第三人称和人名后面用______。 例如: (我有一些回形针。)


Write & Check


1. an____________(信封) 2. some___________(剪刀)

3. a _____________(邮票) 4.some ___________(胶水)

5.three___________(回形针) 6.ten _____________(钉书针)

7.some____________(贴胶带) 8.some ___________(纸)

9.have 第三人称单数) 10.do _____________(第三人称单数)




3. I’m 修理) the hang glider.

4. He doesn’t have any 兔子).



(有) some paper.

有) ten parrots.


( pictures?

A. any B. some C. a D. an

( glue. Here it is.

A. one B. any C. a D. some

( A. Who B. What C. Whose D. Which

( A. does B. isn’t C. aren’t D. doesn’t

( .

A. a lot B. lot C. very D. a lots

( )6.Do you have _______glue? Yes, I have _____.

A.some; any B.any; some C.some; some

( )7.She doesn’t ______any paper.

A. has B.have C.is

( )8.We ________have any postcards.

A.don’t B.doesn’t C.are



2.They don’t have parrots.


5.They don’t haverulers.

6.My sister doesn’t haveglue.


8.He doesn’t havepaper.

五、正确选用have, has, do, does, don’t, doesn’t.

some stamps.

have any staples.

two postcards.

any paper? Yes, they 5. 六、补充完整句子。

有 .

(有)some scissors.

(需要) some envelopes.

6.My cousin 不需要) any stamps.



例如: work working

2.practice 3.cut 4.run

5.exercise 7.see

8.swim 10.draw


1. you, have, paper, do, any, (?)


2. doing, she, what, is, (?)


3. I, every day, an, eat, egg, (.)


4.does, have, not, she, toys, many, (.)


5. do, what, have, you, (?)



? B: They have some money.

? B: She has some comic books.

3. A: Do they have any glue? B: ________________________.(肯定回答 )

4. A: Does Ben have any paper clips? B: ________________________.(否定回答)


1. My name is Jerry. I am eleven years old. I am a student. I have only a bag, but I have five books and ten pencils. I want to send a letter. I don’t have any stamps, but I have some envelopes. I have some paper, too.

1.How old is Jerry?


2.What is Jerry?


3.How many books does Jerry have?


4.Does Jerry have many bags?



5.What doesn’t Jerry have?


2. My Room This is my room. Near the window there is a desk. I often do my homework at it. You can see some books, a ruler, a pen and some flowers in the vase(花瓶). On the wall near the desk there is a picture of a cat. There is a clock on my bed . I can put my football under my bed. There is a chair near the desk . I sit(坐) there and I can see the trees and the flowers outside(外面) .


( )1. What can you see on my desk?

A. Some books B. Some flowers. C. A ruler and a pen. D. A, B and C

( )2. Where is the picture? It’s _________ .

A. on t he desk B. on the wall C. above the end of the bed D. under the bed

( )3. What’s under the bed?

A. A ruler. B. A football. C. A cat. D. A clock.

( )4. Are there any trees outside(外面)?

A. Yes , they are. B. Yes, there are. C. No, they aren’t. D. No, there aren’t.

( )5. The clock is ____ the bed .

A near B. in C. on D. behind

3. My grandfather is 55 years old. He’s a taxi driver. He loves his job very much. It is Sunday. Today is his birthday. My father, my mother and I are in his home. My uncle also comes here. He’s a tall man. He’s a worker. He comes to seee my grandfather every Sunday. My grandfather has a good friend. His name is Jim. He’s from England. He’s a nice cook. He comes to see him, too. My grandfather is very happy today. 选择填空:

( ) 1.My grandfather is years old now.

A. fivety-five B. eighty C .fifty-five

( ) 2.My grandfather is a

A. worker B. driver C cook

( ) 3.My also comes to see my grandfather.

A.uncle B.aunt C cousin

( ) 4.Mt uncle is very A short B fat C tall

( ) 5.Jim is my grandfather’s A friend B son C daughter


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