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珠泉教育小学英语四年级上册第四单元测试题 一、看图填空,完成句子。

Welcome to my home. This is my bedroom and study. Here is my _____ , _ , and _______ . The books and story-books are all on the _____ .

I don’t often watch ________ in the evening. I often do some reading or do my homework here.


家 窗户 椅子 床 门 三、根据中文提示,选出正确答案 1、朋友来你家,你说:

A.Welcome to my home. B. I have a nice home. C. I like my home. 2、你告诉别人你喜欢你的学校,可以说:

A.My school is big. B. I like my school. C. This is my school. 3.你很喜欢你朋友 的房间,你对她说:A. You have a room. B. Is it your room? C. It’s a nice room ,I like it. 4. 你让别人开门,可以说:A. Open the door ,please. B.Go to the door ,please. C. Is this a door ? 5.狗在卧室里,你说: A. The dog is in the bathroom. B. The dog is in the bedroom.C. The dog is in the kitchen. 四、连词造句。


2. is , this , pen , my 五、根据问句,找出相应的答语。

( )1.Is Sarah in the study? A.It’s on the table. ( )2.Where is my new bag? B.Yes,they are. ( )3.Are they on the sofa? C.No,she isn’t. ( )4.Where are you? D.I can see a bed.

( )5.What can you see in my room? E.We are in the living room. 六. 选句补充对话,将正确的句子的编号填在横线上.。

A. What’s in it? B. How many bedrooms do you have? C. Yes, I do. D. Are they on the table? E. Thank you John: Welcome to my home. This is the living room. Lucy: Oh, it’s very big. ________________________ John: A brown sofa, a yellow table, a blue chair and a big TV.

Lucy: _________________________________ John: I have 3 bedrooms.

Lucy: Do you have your own(自己的) bedroom? John: ________________. Oh! Where are my keys?

Lucy: _______________________________?

John: No, they aren’t.

Lucy: Look! They are in the door.

John: ___________________.

七、 阅读短文, 判断对错.`(10分)

Mike: Mom, where are my glasses(眼镜)?

Mom: Are they on the desk?

Mike: No, they aren’t.

Mom: Are they on the bed?

Mike: No, I can’t see them(它们).

Mom: Look, they are in your hand.

Mike: Oh, yes, thanks, mom.

1. Mike is looking for(正在找)his glasses. ( )

2. Mike’s glasses are on the desk. ( )

3. Mike can’t see his glasses on the bed. ( )

4. Mike’s glasses are on the bed. ( )

5. Mike is a careless(粗心) boy. ( )


1.we watch T v in 2.we read a book in . 3 we have a snack in the . 4 we take a shower in the . 5 we have a nap in the . 九、按要求完成下列句子。 1 .This is a dog . (改成否定句) 2 .They are her books. (变成一般疑问句并做肯定回答) 3 .Those are his shoes .(变成一般疑问句并做否定回答) 对划线部分提问) 对划线部分提问) 十、结合自己家的结构的情况,试写一篇小作文。(不少5句话)

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