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一找不同类1. blue black write Green 2. school teacher library garden

3. shirt shoes jecket pencil 4. where how there what 5. us he they I

二、suitcase(复数) tickets(单数) play(现在分词) I am(缩写) left(反义词) what is the matter?(中文) 你会做什么?

三、( )1. _____some bottles on the table. a: There are b: There is c: Are there

( )2.She needs a ticket __Sichuan__Shenzhen. a: to from b: from to c :from from

??( )3. Are there_____chairs near the window? a: some b: any c: a

( )3. Are there_____chairs near the window? a: some b: any c: a

( )4. How many pairs of pants do you have? a: Yes,thanks b: No,I do not c: Two pairs

( )5. Are _____doctors? Yes, _____are. a: you...I b: you...we c: you...you

( )6. _____a TV on the table? a: There is b: Is there c: Are there

( )7. A: Where's my ticket? B: _____ a: On the table. b: In the table. c: At the table.

( )8. A: How is Tom's book? B: _____book is nice. a: My b: Your c: His

( )9. This is_____ a: bike b: a bike c: bikes

( )10. Do not jump _____the bus ,please! a: on b: under c:in

( )11.Have a good trip! _____ a: Yes,I have b: No,I do not c: Thank you

( )12. How can you _____ to Australia? a: see b: think c:go

( )13. Her mother _____ three shirts. a: has b: have c: is

( )14. A: _____is under the tree? B: There is a dog. a: Where b: How many c: What

( )15. Janny's teacher is _____the office. a: in b: on c: under

四、1. There is some milk on the wall.(一般疑问)

2.Danny is in front of the blackboard.(用who提问)

3. I like going for a walk.(改为否定句)

4.Li Ming reads books every day.(改为现在进行时态)

5. Can you find my key?(否定回答)

6、Have you ?(一些钢笔7、These are .(盒子)

8、 (多少钢笔)are there on the table?9 、What's (在书桌上)?



12、What are you going to do?翻译

13、books、are、How、there、on、many、desk? the

14、What is your mother?

七、My uncle and aunt invited us to Beijing to have a trip. So my family will leave for Beijing

tomorrow. It is five thousand one hundred kilometers from my city to Beijing. It is very far. We

are going there by plan and arrive at 7:00 in the evening.We need jackets, sweaters and

pyjamas. But I do not like these sweaters. They are too old. We are going to visit the Tian'anmen

Square, the Palace Museum and the Summer Palace. I am very excited now!

( )1.My family will arrive in Beijing tomorrow.( )2.Beijing is far from my city.

( )3.I like those sweaters.( )4.I am very excited.

六. (away, do, meals, brother, family, wash, can, make, housework, can)

My name is Ann. I have a happy ___________. We share the ____________. My father

_________ cook the __________. My mother can ___________ the clothes. I can put ________

the clothes. My sister _________ _________ the dishes. My ___________ can _________ the bed.

十、Look and write.(请用5句话写一写你在家是否能干,分别会干些什么家务和不会干些


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