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一、Please choose the best answer. 1. Do you use chopsticks in England? No, _______________.

A. we aren’t B. we are C. we don’t D. we do 2. It’s easy________ English people.

A. to B. for C. from 3. What are you doing? We are ________a cake.

A. make B. made C. makes 4. Look at those ducks ______ there!

A. on B. over C. from 5. Can you run fast? No, I ________.

A. am B. can’t C. can 6. I _____ got a new kite!

A. have B. has C. am 7. Have you got a headache? Yes, I _______.

A. am B. has C. have 8. Is it a monster? No, it ______.

A. is B. isn’t C. has D. on D. making D. of D. don’t D. is D. do D.hasn’t

9. He ______ got a stomach ache.

A. have B. is C. has D. was

10. I ______ go to school yesterday.

A. isn’t B. didn’t C. am not D. wasn’t

二、 Please translate the sentence to English.

1. 你头痛吗?(have got)


2. Tom是个聪明的男孩。




4. 那里有多少石头动物?


5. 现在我们有一个拼图游戏。


三、 Review some important words.

1. chopsticks_____ 2. hamburger_______

4. monster________ 5. drum________

7. naughty_______ 8. dragon________

10. merrily_______ 11. stream________

13. biscuit_______ 14. jigsaw________

16. stomach ache______ 17. test_______ 3. instead_______ 6. plate_________ 9. sweater________ 12. gently_______ 15. headache_____ 18. cough_______

19. camel_______ 20. scary________

a. 考试 b.拼图 c.可怕的 d.饼干 e.骆驼 f.头痛 g.溪流 h.鼓 i.衬衫 j.盘子 k.可爱地 l.胃痛 m.淘气的 n.咳嗽 o.怪物 p.筷子 q.静静地 r.毛衣 s.汉堡包 t.温柔地 u. 龙 v. 长笛 w.取代

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