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牛津5A unit6-7试卷

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班级 姓名 成绩



( ) 1.A.floor B. flower C. for D. flower

( ) 2.A.walk B. work C. wash D. watch

( ) 3.A.sleep B. sweep C. jump D. street

( ) 4.A.swim B. slide C. swing D. skate

( ) 5.A.listen B. lesson C. learn D. lion

( ) 6.A.puppet B. puzzle C. pumpkin D. parent

( ) 7.A.chicken B. kitchen C. chair D. picture

( ) 8.A. night B. right. C. light D. eight

( ) 9.A. 7:20 B. 11:20 C.3:20 D.6:20

( )10.A.mango B. matter C.maganize D.my

二、听录音,判断正误,用“√ ”或 “ ×”表示。5%

1.Is Su Hai cleaning the windows? Yes, she is.

2.Wang Bing is helping Mr Li in the office .

3. Are they playing chess? No, they aren’t.

4.Nancy isn’t doing her homework.

5. Look, Mike is crying.


( ) 1.A.Yes, I do. B.I like playing the guitar. C.No, I can’t.

( ) 2. A.He’s jumping. B.She’s doing housework. C.Yes,she is.

( ) 3.A.Yes, there is. B.There are some trees C.No, there aren’t.

( ) 4.A.I need a vase. B.We need some candles. C.No, thank you.

( )5A.No, she isn’t. B.They’re cleaning the library. C.Yes,they are.

四.听录音,完成下列句子 。10%

1.Mike and his friends ______ ___________ basketball in the playground.

2.Look, the dog is __________ __________ the mouse.

3.Are you _________ in the _________ __________?

4.Is the boy ___________ on a football ? No, ________ ___________.


下列划线部分的读音是否相同,相同的打“√”,不同的打“ ×”5%

( ) 1、 fine nine ( ) 2、 wash stand

( ) 3、 now know ( ) 4、 bed red

( ) 5、 jump cup ( ) 6、 study student

( ) 7、 dance can ( ) 8、 see peach

( ) 9、 home some ( ) 10、father her


1、下棋 2、追赶

3、看画册 4、寻找

5、读报 6、play with a yo-yo

7、play cards 8、sit on a basketball

9、on the dog’s head 10、in the playground


( ) 1、 _____Tom _____ you in the office?

A: Are ,helping B: Is ,help C: Is ,helping D:Are ,help

( ) 2、Where are you going? I’m ___the library.

A: going B: go to C: going to a D: going to

( ) 3、My sister is______

A:do some cleaning B:doing some clean

C:do some cleaning D:doing some cleaning

( ) 4、Is Kate cleaning the door?________

A: Yes, she is. B: Yes, she does.

C: No, she don’t. D: No, she doesn’t.

( ) 5、We are__________ in the evening.

A: all busy B: busy all C: busy too D: all

( ) 6、________your sister watching TV?.

A: Are B: Is C: Do D: Are there

( )7、______ Mike and his friends_________basketball.

A: Is ,playing B: Are,playing C: are, playing D:Is, playing the

( )8、What are you doing,Miss Li ? I________an English book.

A :is reading B: reading C: am reading D:are reading

( ) 9、________ go and join_______.

A: Let’us , her B: Let’s , he C: Let is ,him D: Let’s,him

( ) 10、I’m ______ my magazine ,but I can’t _________ it.

A:look for, find B: looking of, find

C: looking for , find D: find, look for


1、students、going、to、the 、library 、are、the (. )


2、it 、o’clock、is、in、afternoon、two 、the (.)


3、dog 、is、jumping 、bed 、the、 on 、the (.)


4、playing、 they、basketball 、are(?)


5、 she listening is to him(?)


6. English ,help ,can ,come, you, and, with, me ,my(?)


7. now, doing, Mary, is, homework, her (.)


2. Please __________ me your new bike .

3. The cat is __________ after the mouse .

4. They’re __________ their watches .

5. Can you __________ the window for me ?

6. It’s time to __________ lunch, dear !

7. Are they __________ in the library ?


( )1.Shall we go and play there? A. Thank you.

( )2. What’s in the basket? B. I’m going to the library.

( )3. Are you reading a magazine? C. Good idea.

( )4. Here’s a chair for you. D. Some masks , please.

( )5. Are they playing football? E. No, I’m not.

( )6. Do you like masks? F. There are a lot of apples.

( )7. How much are they? G. Perhaps they are.

( )8. Where are you going? H. Seven yuan.

( )9. What else do you need? I. Yes, I do.

( )10.I can put the egg on my head. J. Me too.


1. There’s a bed, a desk and a nice sofa in my b____________.

2. C____________are over. The students are c___________ the classroom.

3. We are playing basketball. Would you like to j____ us?

4.Jim and Ben are my friends . We all like M_________.

5.Is your sister in the sitting room ? Yes, she’s doing her h____________. 八根据情景写句子 10%

1.问David 正在干什么,你应说:

________ David _________ ?

2.你想告诉别人你的爸爸正在做木偶, 你应说:

My father ______ _______ a puppet now.


_____ _______ brother _______ basketball now, Nancy?


_______ the students _______ _______ yo-yos ?

九、阅读短文,选择正确答案: 5%

Mary’s family are all at home. Her father , Mr Smith is sitting on a chair near the window. He is reading a newspaper. Mary is in her room. She is listening to the radio. Tom and Sam , Mary’s brothers, are not playing . They are doing their homework. Kate, Mary’s sister, is cleaning her bike. Where is Mrs Smith and what is she doing? She is in the kitchen and she is making some cakes.

( )1. There are ________ people in Mary’s family.

A. four B. five C. six D. seven

( )2. Mary is in the room. She is ________.

A. listening to the teacher B. watching TV C. doing her homework D. listening to the radio

( )3. Kate is ________her bike.

A. riding B. cleaning C. standing near D. looking at

( )4. Mrs Smith is ________.

A. in her room B. sitting in a chair C. in the kitchen D. reading a book

( )5.Tom and Sam are Mr and Mrs Smith’s ________.

A. friends B. sons C. sister and brother D. students



1、floor 2、walk 3、sleep 4、swing 5、listen

6、parent 7、kitchen 8、light 9、3:20 10、maganize

二、听录音,判断正误,用“√ ”或 “ ×”表示。(听两遍)

1.Is Su Hai cleaning the windows? Yes, she is.

2.Wang Bing is helping Mr Li in the office .

3. Are they playing chess? No, they aren’t.

4.Nancy isn’t doing her homework.

5. Look, Mike is crying.


1.Do you like playing the guitar?

2.What’s Mrs Black doing ?

3.Are there any birds in the tree ?

4.Would you like a pumpkin lantern ?

5. Are the girls cleaning the library?

四.听录音,完成下列句子 。(读二遍)(10 )

1.Mike and his friends are playing basketball in the playground.

2.Look, the dog is running after the mouse.

3.Are you studying in the reading room?

4.Is the boy sitting on a football ? No,he isn’t.

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