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Good morning everyone. Today I am going to talk about Period1 of Unit 6,English Book 4A. Part one Analysis of the teaching material

The lesson is a new one of Unit6. This unit is mainly about the snack bar. There is a story time in this unit.It mainly deal the dialogue about “What would you like?” and some new words about food.

Part two Analysis of the students

Our students are in Grade4. They are active and curious, interested in new things, so during my class .I will design some interesting games to activate them to participate and learning. Part three Teaching methods

My teaching methods are “task-based approach”, “situational approach” and “TPR teaching method”, and so on.

Part four Teaching aims

There are knowledge aims, ability aims emotions aims. By the end of the lesson, students will be able to read, recognize and use these words: snack bar, hamburger, a glass of, noodles, Dad, a sandwich, a cup of,at and coffee. And these sentences: What would you like? Anything else? I?d like...Ability aims are to improve students? listening and speaking ability by reading and practicing the text. Aims on the emotion are to foster students? consciousness of a healthy diet.

Part five Teaching aids.

In this class I will use some cards and PPT .These can arouse the students? interest in this lesson. Key and Difficult points

1. To help students ask and answer the question: What would you like?

2. To enable students to study in groups and co-operate skillfully.

3. To develop students? duty about family and classmates.

4. To order the fast food by themselves.

Teaching procedure

Step1. Warm-up and preview.

1. Free talk between T and Ss about some food.


1. Show the food picture and present the pattern: “What would you like? Anything else? I?d like...”

(1).Look at the picture and say: ?I?d like some cakes?” Carry it and say: “What would you like? Anything else?What about you?Help the Ss understand and meaning of my sentence. Make sure they can say it correctly.

(2).T:Where to buy the food or drinks?

S:At the snack bar.

T:Let?s go to the snack bar.This sentence help Ss lead in the new lesson.

2 . With the help of the PPT to present the picture about my snack bar.

I invite Ss to my snack bar and they can order anything you like with money.

Practice the sentence “What would you like? Anything else? I?d like...” work in three.

3. Look at the picture and say:She?s waitress.I?m her boss ,too. Because I?m very busy,she can help me treat my friends. Today,my friends are at my snack bar.They are Mike,Helen and

Dad.Suppose you were the waitress or waiter,write down their order.Show the story time cartoon to finish the task.

4. Let Ss read the text.Listen carefully and try to imitate the pronunciation and tone. Step3. Practice

1 . Read in roles.

2. Let?s act.

Step4. Consolidation

Let Ss act the waiter or waitress to help me treat visitors.


1、Listen and repeat story time.

2、Act story time with your friends.

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