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U7 B7 六年级上册英语第二课时

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Match the words:

expensive cheap old young tall short good bad

older shorter cheaper better taller more expensive worse younger

Find out the words and sentences.

Yesterday was Sunday. I went shopping with my mum. We bought a bike, some toys and shoes. Now my bike is better than Lisa’s. The toys are cheaper than Jack’s. And my old shoes are worse than my new one. I’m happy today.

Choose the right words.


1.These noodles are____. good


Those noodles are better ______than these noodles. 2.Those noodles are ______. (cheap/cheaper) cheap These noodles are_______ than these noodles. cheaper

Choose the right words.


1.These shoes are______. good

(good/better) (cheap/cheaper)

Those shoes are ______than these shoes. better 2.Those shoes are ______. cheap

These shoes are _______ than those shoes. cheaper

Fill in the blanks.

is faster than The rabbit ___ ______ _____ the pig.
The pig ___ ______ _____ the rabbit. is slower than

Choose suitable words to complete the sentences.

more expensive, than, better, older, taller
I have a big family .There are four people in my family. My father is 40. My mother is 35. My father is older than my ____ mother. My brother Ben’s height is 1.35. My height is 1.60 . I’m taller ____ him. In the ____ than last test, I got an “A”. Ben got a “C”. I’m ______ than him. On our last birthdays. We better got bikes. Mine is $30.Ben’s is $63.Ben’s is ____ expensive more ________than mine. I have a big but very happy family!

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