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2010年小学六年级英语月考试卷 时量:60分钟 分值:100分 姓名:



( )1.Ningning is good at swimming.

( )2.Last Sunday,Peter went to the Space Museum with his mother.

( )3.Anne saw a book in a bookstore.

( )4.She tried to skate but she fell over.


1.Anne (want / wanted )to skate.She (want / went )to the skating rink with Peter.

2.Hi!Let’s go (skating / swimming ).

3.Can I look at that ( dictionary / shoes ),please?

4.Peter was very interested in the ( film / Space Museum ).


( )A man talked about the film.

( )Last Sunday ,Peter went to the Space Museum with his mother.

( )They watched a film on the ceiling.

( )Peter was very interested in the film.

( )The next day ,Peter went to the library.



14.Lingling saw a dictionary in a bookstore. ( ) 15.Anne went to the skating rink with Peter . .( ) 五.选出不同类的单词,将序号填入提前的括号里。(10分)

( )16.A.apple B.car C.banana

( )17.A.earth B.sea C.talk

( )18.A.film B.skating C.swimming

( )19. A.dictionary B.book C.read

( )20. A.was B.were C.are



( )21.Can I look at that dictionary,please? A.That’s a good idea.

( )22.Can you swim?

( )23.Have you got enough money?

( )24.Let’s go and watch a film,OK?

( )25.Sit dowm,please. B.No,I haven’t. C.Thank you. D.Yes,I can E.Of course.


26. wants Mingming to book read a

27. likes schoolbag look a this dog


One Sunday morning Mr Black and his child ,Tom,are in a big shop.Mr Black wants to buy new blouse for Mrs Black.Tom likes oranges,so his father buys two kilo( 公斤)of oranges for him,too.Tom also wants to buy some picture books and colour pencils.There are many things and many people in the shop. They are man and women,old and young.They all want to buy something there.

( A.Mrs Black B.his boy C . his father D. other people

( )2.Mr Black is going to buy a new blouse for A.Tom’s mother B.Tom C.his friend D .his daughter

( A. all the things B.his mother C.new blouse D.oranges

( )4.The little boy wants to buy A. clothes in the shop B.some picture books C.some colour pencils D.B and C

( )5.People in the shop are A.old and young B.men and women C.boys and girls D.A and B

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