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( )1.There are more people in picture one. ( )2.The dog lost the piece of meat. ( )3.We want to borrow some pens. ( )4.Let’s go to watch the Dragon Boat Race.


1.Have you got(enough / too )money. 2.Our earth looks like (this / that )from space. 3.We want to ( borrow / return )some books.

4.Peter was very interested in the ( film / Space Museum ). 三.听录音,将下列的句子你听到的的顺序连起来。(每小题2分,共10分)

( ) Go and see a doctor. ( ) Do more exercises.

( )Buy a dictionary. ( )Drink some water. ( )Water the flowers.



14.butcher librarian interesting ( ) 15.To remember the famous poet, Qu yuan .( )

五.选出不同类的单词,将序号填入提前的括号里。(10分) ( )16.A.most B. least C. banana ( )17.A.more B. learn C. fewer ( )18.A.sing B. skating C. swimming ( )19. A. interesting B. boring C. read

( )20. A.heavy B.light C.rain

六.从Ⅱ栏里选出Ⅰ栏的应答语,将序号填入题前的括号里。(10分) Ⅰ Ⅱ ( )21.Let’s go to watch a film, OK? A. Do more exercises. ( )22.Thank you very much. B. OK!

( )23.Have you got enough money? C. These are rice dumplings ( )24. I’m too fat. What can I do? D. You are welcome! ( )25.What are these?

E. No,I have not

七,将下面的单词按正确的顺序排成句子。(14分) 26. you can I help

27. likes tree look a this man


What is weather like in China? Spring is cold in most parts of China. It usually comes in March. Summer is often very hot . It lasts

about three months . The hottest months are July and August. Autumn starts from September. The weather can be quite warm in autumn. Winter lasts from December to February. January is the coldest month .You need to wear lots of warm clothes in winter .The best time to come to China is spring or autumn.

( )1.What’s the weather like in spring in China? A. cold. B. The coldest C . Warm ( )2. What’s the weather like in summer in China? A. Very warm B. Very hot C. Very cold. ( )3. Which months are the hottest months?

A. July B. August C July and August

( )4.What ’s the weather like in autumn in China? A. Very cool B. Very hot C. Quite warm ( )5.Which season is the best time to come to China ? A. Spring or autumn B. Summer C. Winter

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