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一、听录音。选择你所听到的单词,把选项填入题前的括号里(每小题2分,共10分) ( )1.A.roof B.chimney C.wait

( ) 2.Arubbish bin B.dirty C.sugar

( )3. A. seat B.spill C. road

( )4. A.corner B.street C.near

( )5. A.yesterday B.today C.weekday


( )6.Mrs Chen is taking Dongdong to the restaurant.

( )7.Is there a bus on the road?

( )8.Draw a dog on the roof.

( )9.My father is come from Beijing.


10.Draw a bird above the chimney. ( )

11.Don’t put your hand in the rubbish bin. ( )

12.Is there anyone near the post office? ( )

13.Finish your work and give it to me tomorrow.( )



14.Don’t spill the sugar on the table.( )

15.There’s a policeman near the post office.( ) 五.选出不同类的单词,将序号填入提前的括号里。(10分)

( )16.A.yesterday B.Sports Day C.today

( )17.A.outside B.near C.sugar

( )18.A.tea B.sugar C.hand in

( )19. A.road B.street C.weekday

( )20. A.was B.were C.are



( )21.Is there a bus on the road?

( )22.Can you swim?

( )23.Sit down,please.

( )24.Where were you yesterday,Peter?

( )25.How are you? A.I’m fine,thank you B.Thank you . C.I was sick.I was in bed at home. D.Yes,I can E.Yes,and there’s a taxi behind the bus 七,将下面的单词按正确的顺序排成句子。(14分)

26.picture is this good a

27.put your on don’t feet seat the


Last Sunday,Mrs Chen took Dongdong to a shopping centre. They went there by a bus. In the shopping centre,they brought many things. On the first floor(第一层楼),Mrs Chen bought a pair of shoes. Dongdong wanted to play toys. So they bought some on the second(第二) floor.There are many books on the third (第三)foor.Dongdong had an intersting book..They had a cup of tea on the fourth floor.Dongdong was very tired when he went home.

1.Last Sunday,Mrs Chen and Dongdong went to a shopping centre . ( )

2.Mrs Chen bought a pair of shoes on the first floor. ( )

3.Dongdong had toys on the third floor . ( )

4.They had a cup of tea on the fourth floor. ( )

5.Dongdong was very happy. ( )

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