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专题:形容词,副词比较级、最高级 (一)

1. 形容词,副词比较级和最高级的概念。


形容词、副词有三个级:原级(Positive Degree),比较级(Comparative Degree)和最高级(Superlative Degree)。

2. 形容词比较级和最高级的构成。


a. 在原级的词尾加-er变为比较级,加-est变为最高级。

e.g. short(原级)---shorter(比较级)---shortest(最高级)


b. 如原级以e结尾,则比较级只加-r,最高级只加-st。

e.g. large---larger---largest nice---nicer---nicest

c. 如原级以“辅音字母+y”结尾,要将y改为i,再加-er,-est。

e.g. busy---busier---busiest easy---easier---easiest

d. 原级以重读闭音节结尾,而且末尾只有一个辅音字母(不含字母组合er等),要双写这个辅音字母,再加-er,-est。

e.g. fat---fatter---fattest big---bigger---biggest


e.g. beautiful(原级)---more beautiful(比较级)---most beautiful(最高级)

interesting(原级)---more interesting(比较级)---most interesting(最高级)


e.g. good---better---best bad worse worst


many more most little---less---least


farther farthest older oldest

far old

further furthest elder eldest


e.g. old---older较旧,较老---oldest最旧,最老/ old---elder较年长---eldest最年长

far---farther较远---farthest最远(指距离)/ far---further进一步---furthest最深(指程度)

3. 形容词比较级的用法和相关句型。


e.g. He is as tall as his mother.

English is as interesting as math.

②表示“不如”或“不相等”用“not +as/so+形容词原级+as+比较对象”。

e.g. It is not so/as cold today as yesterday.

Jack is not so/as tall as Tom.

③表示倍数,如“一半/两倍/3倍/4倍/??”等用“half/twice/three/four/?times +as?as?”结构。

e.g. I study twice as hard as you.

This room is three times as large as that one.


e.g. The earth is bigger than the moon.

This dress is more expensive than that one.

⑤强调比较级超出比较程度时,形容词的比较级前可用much,far,a lot,still,no,a little,even,any,等状语来修饰。

e.g. My brother is much older than I.

This bike is far better than that one.


e.g. I’m getting fatter and fatter.

I think English is becoming more and more difficult.


e.g. The more you read,the more knowledge you will get.

The less junk food you eat, the healthier you feel.


1. small 2. high 3. nice

4. wide 5. heavy 6. early

10. slowly 11. expensive 12. difficult

16. far 17. good/ well 18. bad/ badly

19. beautiful 20. clever 21. awful

22. cheap 23. clean 24. cold

25. colorful 26. cool 27. crowded

28. dangerous 29. delicious 30. dirty

31. fantastic 32. friendly 33. hard

34. hungry 35. late 36. lazy

37. quiet 38. smart 39. tall

40. thin 41. ugly 43. few


1. Mary is , but Jane is . Jane is than Mary. Caroline is very .

She is the in the class. (tall)

2. Jane’s handwriting is , but Mary’s is . Caroline’s handwriting is

very . It is the handwriting I have ever seen. (bad)

3. The three girls have photos of film stars. Mary hasn’t photos, but Jane has .

Jane has photos than Mary. Caroline has the photos of the three. (many)

4. Mary’s Chinese is not very . Jane’s is . Caroline’s Chinese is the .

(good) 7. hot 8. big 9. low 13. many/ much 14. old 15. little

5. Last week the three girls bought dresses. Caroline’s dress was than Jane’s. But Mary’s dress was the . (expensive)

6. Mary works in a hospital. She is . Jane works in a school. She is than Mary. Caroline works in a company. She always works day and night. She is the of all. (busy)

7. Jane’s bedroom is very . Caroline’s bedroom is than Jane’s. Mary’s is the

of the three. (large)

8. Caroline’s mother is very . Jane’s mother is than Caroline’s. But Mary’s mother is the of the three mothers. (fat)

9. Jane has water in the bottle. Mary has than Jane. Caroline has the of all. (little)

10. The earth is , the sun is than the earth. But the universe is the . (big)

11. Bob is _ (young) than Fred but _ (tall) than Fred.

12. Tom is not as _ (tall) as Jack.

13. Almost all the students’ faces are the same but Li Deming looks _ (fat) than before the holidays.

14. Which is _ (heavy), this box or that one?

15. --How _ (tall) is Sally? --She’s 1.55 meters _ (tall). What about Xiao ling?

-- She’s only 1.40 meters _ (tall). She is much _ (short) than Sally. She is also the _ (short) girl in the class.

16. He is _ (bad) at learning math. He is much _ (bad) at Chinese and he is the

_________ (bad) at English.

17. Annie says Sally is the _ (kind) person in the world.

18. He is one of the _ (friendly) people in the class, I think.

19. A dictionary is much _________ (expensive) than a story-book.

20. An orange is a little _ (big) than an apple, but much ________ (small) than a watermelon.

21. The Changjiang River is the _ (long) river in China.

22. Sue is a little ________ (beautiful) than her sister.

23. My room is not as _________ (big) as my brother’s.

24. --How difficult is physics? --I' m not sure. -- Is it ________ (difficult) than math?

-- I don’t think so.

25. -- Annie plays the piano very _ (well).-- Sue plays it _ (well) than Annie.

And Sally plays it the _ (well).

26. Saturday is my (busy) day in a week.

27. Her mother is getting (fat) and ________ (fat).

28. I think it’s too expensive. I’d like a _ (cheap) one

29. He comes to school much _ (early) than I.

30. This book is not as _ (interesting) as that one.

31. Your classroom is _ (wide) and _ (bright) than ours.

32. Practice as _ (much) as you can.

33. The _ (much), the (good).

34. Nowadays English is (important) than any other subject, 1 think.

35. Most of the students think a lion is much ________(dangerous) than a bear and it is the __________ (dangerous) animal in the world.

三 单项选择。

1. --She is ______ than her mother.

--Her mother is also beautiful.

A. beautiful B. beautifuler C. more beautiful D. most beautiful

2. --Our school is theirs.

--What a big one!

A. as five big as B. as five times big as

C. as big as five times D. five times as big as

3. --Do you always get up as as you brother?

--Not always.

A. earliest B. earlier C. the earliest D. early

4. --The earth is______ the moon.

--I also saw it on the newspaper.

A. as 49 times big as B. 49 times as bigger as

C. 49 times as big as D. as big as 49 times

5. --How time flies!

--Yes, she looks______ than before.

A. the more older B. very older C. much older D. more older

6. Would you please say it ? I still can’t follow you.

A. more slow B. much slow C. more slowly D. much slowly

7.He is ________more beautiful than I.

A. too B. enough C. much D. very

8. This book is _______ that one.

A. as better as B. as good as C. as best as D. as well as

9. --It looks like that he is as ______ as you.

--Oh, no. He is _______ than I.

A. tall, a little tall B. taller, a little tall

C. tall, a little taller D. taller, a little taller

10.--Thanks for taking care of the garden, it is becoming ______.

--You are welcome.

A. more beautiful and more B. more beautiful and more beautiful

C. more and more beautiful D. more beautiful and beautiful

11. The box is ______ heavy .I can’t move it.

A. much B. more C. enough D. too

12. Her brother is _______ than she.

A. seven year older B. seven year older

C. seven years old D. seven years older

13. The_________you stand,the _________ you can see.

A. high; far B. higher; farther

C. highest; farthest D. more higher; more farther

14.You should study English hard, because it’s getting_________ in our country .

A. more and more important B. more important and more important

C. importanter and importanter D. important and important

15. --They competed(比赛)to see who could work ______.

--Wish they every success.

A. the fastest and best B. the faster and the better

C. fastest and better D. faster and better

16. I will try to make mistakes in future.

A. less B. more C. fewer D. much

17. --I can play basketball as as my elder brother.


A. good B. well C. better D. worse

18. --I feel ______ better today.

--Have you catch a cold?

A. any B. a little C. very D. more

19.--Things are getting ______ every day.

--Yes, that’s great.

A. good and good B. well and well

C. more and more D. better and better

20. --______ you work for other people, ______ you feel.

--Really? OK, I will.

A. The well; the happier B. The better; the happier

C. The well; the much happier D. The better; the happy

21. This question is more difficult than that one.

A. rather B. quite C. very D. a little

22.--30,000 dollars is a lot of money.

--But it’s than we need. The house is too expensive now.

A. far more B. very much C. far less D. very little

23. --Can I help you?

--Well, I’m afraid the box is heavy for you, but thank you all the same.

A. so B. much C. very D. too

24. --Mr. Baker says he is the busiest man in your office. Do you think so?

--Yes. He is really than any other person in our office.

A. busy B. busier C. busiest D. the busiest

25. --The sick grandmother was getting day by day.

--I am sorry to hear that.

A. worse B. bad C. best D. worst

三 完成句子。

1. 她看起来不如玛丽年轻。 She doesn't look __________ _________ __________ Mary.

2. 杰克的父亲比母亲大一岁。 Jack's father is __________ _________ _________ than her mother.

3. 我们的教室比他们的明亮得多。 Our classroom is ___________ ___________ than theirs.

4. 当心!这条路越来越危险。 Look out! The mad is becoming ________ and _________ ________.

5. 你喜欢哪种动物,猫还是狗? Which animal do you like __________ , a cat or a dog?

6. 本书跟那本书一样有趣。 This book is ________ _________ that one.

7. 你游泳没有你弟弟好。 You can’t swim __________ __________ __________ your brother.

8. 今天比昨天冷的多。 It is _________ __________ today ______ it was yesterday.

9. 对这个故事我比另一个喜欢的多。 This story is __________ __________ __________ than that one.

10. 他比我大两岁。 He is_________ __________ __________ than I.


1. She is the one of the two students. (beautiful)

2. My mother is the in my family. (busy)

3. Which do you like (well), oranges, apples ,or pears?

4. Beijing is one of the most beautiful (city) in China.

5. Fish and chips are very , but I think fried chicken is of the three. (delicious)

6. Li Ping’s home is from the school in our class. (far)

7. This book is than that book. (interesting)

8. Lily is (thin )of the three.

9. Lesson Four is (difficult) than Lesson Three.

10. This skirt is nicer than (I).

11. John is __________ than I .He is the __________ boy in our class. (young)

12. Mary is __________ than I; and she is the __________ of the three in our room .But she looks very young. (old)

13. This book seems __________ than that one, but it is certainly not the __________ book on my desk. Some others are too __________ for you to read. (difficult)

14. It is said that a Rolls Royce is much __________ than a Ford. It is one of the __________ cars. It is too __________ for common people. (expensive)

15. All the students of this class are __________. They are __________ than those in the other class. In fact, they are the __________ students of the whole school.(good)

16. “How much money do you want to start your business?” “The __________, the __________.”(much, good)

17. San Francisco is __________ from New York City than from Los Angeles or Seattle. (far)

18. I had a bad cold yesterday, but I feel __________ now. (well)

19. The old man is always __________. He has nothing to worry about. He is even __________ now when he lives with his family. (happy)

20. The United States of America is the __________ developed country while China is the developing country. Both counties have __________ markets. China has a __________ population than the U.S.A., but China’s GDP is much lower than that of the U.S.A. (large)

二 单项选择。

1. --Which is ______, the sun, the moon or the earth?

--The moon.

A. small B. smaller C. smallest D. the smallest

2. --This watch is one in all.

--So do you want to buy it?

A. most expensive B. more expensive

C. the most expensive D. much expensive

3. --The Yellow River is the second river in China.

--I’m proud of it.

A. long B. longer C. longest D. the longest

4. --Which subject do you like ?

--Of course English.

A. better B. best C. well D. good

5. --The Yangzi River is one of in the world.

--We are very proud of that.

A. the longest river B. longer river

C. the longest rivers D. longest rivers

6. --Which do you like______, coffee, tea or milk?


A. the worst B. worse C. the worse D. worst

7. --Does she study hard?

--Yes, she is one of __ ___ in our class.

A. the best students B. best students C. the best student D. best student

8. My sister is ______ person I know.

A. the funniest B. the funnier C. the most fun D. funniest

9. --Is Mr Du __________ teacher in your school?

--I think he is.

A. the most busy B. the busier C. the most busiest D. the busiest

10. The book is the ________ one in the bookshop.

A. the most cheap B. the expensive

C. the most expensive D. the less expensiver

11. The mouse ______the cat.

A. runs not as fast as B. don’t run as fast as

C. doesn’t run as fast as D. runs no more fast

12. --Tom is of the two.

--How old is he?

A. the younger B. the youngest C. younger D. the young

13. --Could you buy me a MP3 like this, Uncle?

--Sure. I will buy you one than this, but this.

A. a cheaper; as nice as B. a better; better than

C. a worse; as nice as D. a dearer; worse than

14. --Remember this, children, careful you are, mistakes you will make.

--We know, Miss. Gao.

A. The more; the more B. The fewer; the more

C. The more; the fewer D. The less; the less

15. --The population of our city is becoming .

--Yes. It has become a serious problem.

A. larger and larger B. more and more

C. fewer and fewer D. less and less

16. --What do you think about that film?

--The film is better than others.

A. very B. not C. far D. so

17. --Which is book, the new one or the old one?

--I prefer the old one.

A. better B. the better C. best D. the best

18. --Bob is of the two boys.

--That’s right. And Mary is of the three girls.

A. tall; short B. taller; the shorter

C. tallest; the shortest D. the taller; the shortest

19. --We spent all our money because we stayed at the most expensive hotel in town.

--Why didn’t you stay at one?

A. a cheap B. a cheaper C. the cheap D. the cheaper

20. --How about this apple?

--This apple is not good, that one is .

A. more bad B. even worse C. still worst D. more badly

21. --What do you think of his surfing?

--Oh, no one does .

A. good B. better C. best D. the best

22. --The world is becoming smaller and smaller because the Internet brings us .

--That’s right.

A. the close B. closer C. the closer D. close

23. --Of the two toys(玩具), the child chose ______.

--Ha-Ha, he is clever.

A. the more expensive one B. one most expensive

C. a least expensive D. the most expensive of them

24. The Chinese people must grow more food and have families with children.

A. fewer; smaller; healthier B. healthier; fewer; smaller

C. healthier; smaller; fewer D. smaller; fewer; healthier


25. -- Does she study hard?

-- Yes, she is one of ______ in our class.

A. the best students B. best students C. the best student D. best student

三 完成下列句子。

1. 本书跟那本书一样有趣。

This book is ________ _________ that one.

2. 你游泳没有你弟弟好。

You can’t swim __________ __________ __________ your brother.

3. 这栋楼比那栋楼高一点。

This building is _________ __________ ______ that one.

4. 我认为英语比数学难得多。

I think English is __________ __________ __________ than math.

5. 他比我大两岁。

He is_________ __________ __________ than I.

6. 这个故事不如那个有趣。

This story is __________ __________ __________than that one.

7. 她的身体状况一天天好起来。

He is getting __________ __________ __________ every day.

8. 他对英语越来越感兴趣。

He is becoming __________ ______ ____ in English.

9. 他吃的越多,人越胖。

The he eats, the _________ he gets.

10. 你的问题是两个中比较难的那个。

Your question is__________ __________ __________ of the two.

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