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He _______ is a boy. Do you know ______ name? (he) his It

_____ is a parrot. ______ name is Lily. (it) Its
______ father is an English teacher. She Her ______ is my friend. _______ name is Kitty. (she)

Whose knife is it? It’s hers ________(she).
your you

Where is _______ teacher, do ______ know? (you)

I have a boy friend, ________(he) is Tom.

Hi, Jack. This is ________ friend (I) . my _______ name is Sam. (he )


your Is this ________(you) eraser? No, it’s not _______(I). It’shers ________(her). my I _______ want to go to the movies, who wants to go with ________(I)? me My I’m a Chinese boy. _______ name is
Ma Weiping. (I )

Please help him find ______ mother, he is ______ his lost.(迷路) (he)

your ---Are these _______ (you) pencils? ---Yes, they are ______ (our). ours ---Whose is this pencil? ---It’s ______.(her) hers

Mine This isn’t my book. ______(我的) is in the bag.
They are twins, I like _________ very much.(they)

I love _____(they) very much.
I love ______(we) Chinese teacher very much. Miss Li often looks after _____(she) brother. ---Are these _____(they) bags? ---No, they aren’t _____ (their) . They are _____ (we).

your 你 I don’t know what’s ________ name, can ______ tell me? you
Look at that picture. your Is that _______ father?

my 我 These are _______ boxes. Jack and ______ are good I friends. My ______ English name is Kitty.

He 他 ______ is an American he boy and _______ is a student. His ______ mother is a Chinese woman, his but _______ father is an American man.

她 I have a good friend. Her _______ name is Lucy. ________ is twelve. She
She _______ and I are in the same class. Her _______ parrot is very nice.

its 它 What is _______ name ? It ______ is MiMi.
What’s seven plus six? ____ is thirteen. It

你们 ---Are _______ your names Lucy and Lily? --- Yes, we are. you --- Are ______ twins? you --- Yes, _______ are right.

我们 we ---Are _______ all here today? ---- No, _______ monitor (班长) our is not here.

our This is _______ Japanese teacher. We ________ like her very much.

他们 their they --- Are ______ ________ buses? they ---No, ________ aren’t. ________ buses are over Their there.



两找:找be动词,找助动词can will 三添:添do does did ,添加原则看谓语动词。 最后请把细节来注意,比如some变any ,and 变成or , I we 变成you 动词do does did再来谈一谈 他们三个 任务重,既是实意动词做谓语,又是添加助动词。比如: I don’t do my homework. He doesn’t do his homework. She didn’t do her homework

There are some good friends here.(否定句)
There aren’t

good friends here.

I went to school yesterday. (一般疑问句) Didyou go to school yesterday?

There is a piece of paper on the desk. (复数句) some pieces of There are paper on the desk.

There were some swings here before.(现在时单

数句) There is a swinghere now.

Look out of the window. (否定句) Don look out of the window.


There is a banana on the table. (画线提问) bananas are thereon How many the table?

She buys her son fruits every day.(同义句)
She buys fruits for her son every day.

There were seven boys in the classroom. (画线提问)
How many boys were there in the classroom?

I went to school yesterday. (画线提问) When did you go to school?

He could stay with us. (一般疑问问) Could he stay with us?

They‘re playing ping-pong on the playground. (画线提问)

Where are they playing ping-pong?

He goes to the park with the boy. (一般疑问句)

Does he_____ to the park with go
the boy?

The party is from 12 o'clock to 3 o'clock. When is the party?

What are you going to do at the party? (will替换)

will you do at the party?

Sam gave her a pencil last week. (同义句)
Sam gave a pencil week.


her last

Mum‘s making a cake for me. (画线提问)

is Mum doing ?

What‘s this?(复数句)
What are these ?

This is May‘s dress. (画线提问)
Whosedress _____this? is

She wants some pencils for her brother . (一般疑问句)

Does she want any pencils for her

It is a fine day.(感叹句) What a fine day!

Can you help me put the bag in the car? (祈使句)

Help me put the bag in the car.

They ran to the teacher‘s office. (划线提问) _______ Whoseoffice did they ______ ? run


1.您要牛肉还是要羔羊肉? lamb beef Do you want ________or ________?

2.来点牛排吗? about What _________ _________ some steak?
3.这块很好。 piece nice This is a _________ _________.

4.你们国家的气候怎么样? like What _________the weather _________ in your country? ’s

5.气候非常宜人。 It’s verypleasant _________.

6.有时还会下雪。 sometimes snows It _________ _________.

7.气候温和,但也不总是宜人的。 It’s _______, but it’s not always mild ________. pleasant 8.你最喜欢哪些季节? _________ seasons do you like Which _________? best 9.白天长,夜晚短。 The days are _________ and the long nights are _________. short

10.他们的爸爸每天送孩子们上学。 takes Their father _________ them _________ school every day. to 11.他们经常在一起喝茶。 tea They often _________ _________ drink together.

12.他们到家很早。 home They _________ _________ early. arrive

13.不平常的一天。 unusual day An _________ _________.

14.孩子们每天都乘小汽车去上学。 The children go to school _________ by car _________ day. every
15.但是今天他们正步行去上学。 But today they are going to school on _________ _________. foot

16.就要这些吗? all Is _________ _________? that 17.你还要什么吗? else What _________ do you want _________? 18.我要找的零钱。 change my I want _________ _________.



1.At Halloween, what ____ people do _____(do)? Do

scary 2.Do you like this _______(scare) mask? scare 3.Don't ______(scary) the children. It's not good. Emma’ 4.Jerry and _______ (Emma) father is a doctor. s feeling 5.It's summer. Now we are _______ (feel) hot.

6.We are learning ________(learn) the months of Do do the year.

invite 7.Jane wants to ________(invitation) you to her party. 8.Lily is a good student. She studies(study) hard. _____ second 9.You can buy toys on the _______ (two) floor. replied 10.Yesterday Ben ______ (reply) to me. He said he could ________(can) not come to the party.

be 11.Next month, I'm going to ______(be) eleven. 12.---Kate ______ is dancing (dance) over there. Let's go and have a look. ---_______ she _______(dance) every day? Does dance ---No, she onlydances _______(dance) on Saturdays.
13.Sometimes Linda ______(go) to school by goes bus.

14.Whowashed(wash) the plates on the table? ______ ---Jenny did.

is having
15.It's half past eleven now. Jim _______(have) lunch.

16.Tomorrow is my ________(father) father to buy birthday. I want _______(buy) a present ’s for _______(he). him

does do 17.What ______ your father ______(do)? are singing 18.Look! The girls ____________(sing).

really 16.Halloween is ________(real) fun. did see 20.Where______you______(see) the book yesterday?

21.____(be) there a picture on the wall two Was years ago?

write/to write
22.Could you please help me _____(write) a letter to my son?

telling 23.Thank you for _______(tell) me the truth

her 24.She is very nice. We all like______(she)
25.We all enjoy ________ (read) English reading every day.

Whose (who) trousers are these? 26.--- _______ --- I don’t know. Maybe they are his _______(he). swimming
27.Let’s go _______(swim) next Sunday.


28.Both your ______ (sister) are in Dalian.

be sleeping 29.Please _____ (be) quiet, mom is
__________ (sleep).

to go
30.I want _____ (go) to the supermarket.

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