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Part B第1课时

Guess riddles

1. They are round and red. They are not fruits.They are vegetables. What is it? Key:tomatoes

Guess riddles

2. They are a kind of fruit. They are round and small. Some of them are purple, some of them are green. What are they? Key:grapes

Let’s learn

Ask and answer

T: Do you like… S1:Yes,it’s/they’re my favourite. T: Why? S1: Tt’s/They’re…


The apples are sweet.


The potatoes are salty .


The grapes are sour.


The fish is fresh.


They are healthy.

Let’s chant

Group work: What’s your favourite fruit or drink?
Fruit: apple, pear, watermelon, banana, orange, grapes,… Drink (饮料): milk, coffee, Coke, water, orange juice, tea, …


Favourite Fruit


Favourite Drink


Write and chant

sweet sour The pear is ________. The orange is ________. salty tasty The chicken is ________. The pork is ________. healthy fresh The cucumber is ________. The tofu is ________. Mmm… yummy! Yummy! Yummy!

Read and answer
Today is Wednesday. We have potatoes, pork and green beans for dinner. Potatoes are my mother’s favourite food. But I don’t like potatoes. I like pork. It’s tasty and healthy. My father’s favourite food is green beans. They are fresh. After dinner, we eat some apples. Apples are our favourite fruit. They are very healthy.


Q1:What do you have for dinner today?
Q2:What’s your mother’s favourite food?

Q3:Why do you like pork?
Q4:What is your favourite fruit? Q5:Are green beans healthy?

Let’s learn
tasty salty sweet sour fresh healthy favourite It’s/They’re ….

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