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1.一只可爱的斑马________________ 2.一本长方形的书______________

3.四个季节___________________ 4.一双袜子____________________

5.酸柠檬___________________ 6.in the sky____________________

7.button__________________ 8.red and white_________________


1.wet(反义词)__________ 2. warm(反义词) ________

3. tooth (复数)__________ 4.I(同音词)__________

5.see(同音词)__________ 6.quiet(反义词)__________

7. soft(反义词)__________ 8 .scarf(复数)__________

9. to(同类词)__________ 10.here(同音词)__________


1.A. dress B.blouse C.shirt D.mouth

2. A. pink B. brown C. violet D. colour

3. A. my B. her C. his D. they

4. A.tiger B. coat C. giraffe D. snake

5. A. and B. on C. but D. or

6. A.pineapple B.strawberry C. doll D. lime

7. A. touch B. smell C.sweet D.taste

8.A. aeroplane B. car C. bus D.taxi

9.A. door B. rubber C. blackboard D. ruler

10.A.spring B. shell C. winter D. Summer


( )1 .I like _______pens.

A .these B.this C. that

( )2.I_____a dog. Kitty _______a cat.

A.have…has B. have…have C.has…has

( )3.My teeth_____big. My ears_____small.

A . is…is B. are…are C. are…is

( )4.What season is it?----________________

A. It’s hot B. It’s autumn C.The plants grow and grow

( )5.__________is the boy? He’s nine.

A . What B .How old C. Where

( )6.I don’t like these __________.

A . strawberry B.strawberrys C.strawberries

( )7.________the desk. It’s smooth..

A.Touch B.Taste C.Smell

( )8.Kitty is hungry. Give________a biscuit.

A.me B.his C .Her

( )9 .Look____the blackboard and listen____the teacher.

A.at…to B.to…at C .at…in

( )10. _________do you like? Dolls.

A.What B.Who C.How

( )11.We_____like the red flower

A. not B. aren’t C. don’t

五、阅读短文。判断正误,正确的用“T ”,错误的用“F”.(10分)

My family(家庭)

My name is kitty.I am eight. Look.This is my family.This is my mother. She’s

short. She’s thin .This is my father .He’s fat .He’s tall.This is my brother.His name is

Tony.He is six. He likes cars.We are happy.

( )1.Kitty is seven.

( )2 .Tony likes dolls.

( )3.Kitty’s father is not short.

( )4.Kitty’s mother is short.

( )5. They are happy.

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