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( ) 1. A .run B. read C. swim D .lamp

( ) 2. A. book B. bus C. ruler D. rubber

( ) 3. A. apple B. pear C. bear D. peach

( ) 4. A. noodles B. gloves C. dress D. socks

( ) 5. A. desk B. door C. table D. cold

二.选择题: 14%

( )1. I ____ to sing.

A. am B. can C. like

( )2.May I _______ some Coke?

A. has B. have C. have got

( )3.Have ________ milk.

A. an B. a C. some

( )4. Do you like to dance? Yes, ____________.

A.I can B. I do C. I am

( )5. Winter is ______ cold.

A. the B. an C./

( )6.Draw a bird ________ the ground..

A. on B. to C. under

( )7. What __________is it? It’s green.

A. / B. colour C. animal

( )8. It’s cold.. ____________ your coat.

A. Put on B. Take off C. Look at

( )9. How do you go to the park? __________

A. Get in the car. B. By car. C. Get off the car.

( )10. Have a biscuit, please. _________.

A. I can. B. I like. C. Thank you.

( )11. Listen _____ the clock.

A. to B. in C. on

( )12.Green light! We can go_______.

A. stop B. fast C slow

( )13. Is it on the tree? Yes, _________.

A. it not B. it is C. it is not

( )14. Go ________, spotty!

A. there B. here C. where


Hello, I’m May and I’m a girl. I ___1___ in Shanghai. I’ve got a bedroom. ___2____ it, please, the lamp is ____3____ the desk. I love my bedroom and my family.I can do many things. I can clean the window, ____4___ the floor, read books and write. Today(今天), I want to(想要) go to a farm, but(但是) it is cold, the wind

blows, blows and blows. So(所以) I ____5___ a coat, a hat and gloves to put on. My friend ask(问) me:“ _____6___ do you go to the farm?”I reply(回答):“ ____7__ van.”I _____8___ some hens, chicks, ducks, pigs, cows and sheep on the farm. I am very happy.

( ) 1. A. like B. love C. live

( ) 2. A. Look at B. Find C. Listen to

( ) 3. A. in B. under C. on

( ) 4. A. sleep B. sweep C. swim

( ) 5. A. am B. need C. do

( ) 6. A. How B. Where C. What

( ) 7. A. To B. Off C. By

( ) 8. A. listen B. see C. look

四、 看图片读句子,相符的打“√”,不符的打“×”。 10%

1. I like spring. ( )

2. It’s rainy . ( )

3. It is very cold. ( )

4. This is a nice snowball. ( )

5. I like making a snowman. ( )

五. 阅读理解,用T或F判断正误。15%

Hi, I am Sam. I’m 8 years old. I am in Zhilan School(芷兰学校). I like to sing and swim. I can run and play yo-yo. There are some yo-yos in my room.

I have a friend. He is Peter. He has two big eyes and a big mouth. He is my good friend.

I like summer. I like to go to the beach and play on the beach. Summer is hot, but(但是) I like to have ice-creams in the summer.

( )1. I am seven years old.

( )2. I can play yo-yo.

( )3. My friend has two big eyes and a small mouth.

( )4. I don’t like summer.


)5. Sam is my good friend.

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