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一、语音辨别,相同用“T”表示,不同用“F”表示(5分) 1 close dog ( ) 2 brush ugly ( ) 3 live dig ( ) 4 wash watch ( ) 5 thirty that ( )


1.闻闻蛋糕 2.在沙滩上

3.谁的机器人 4.步行

5.一个新学生 6.at a party

7.how old 8.a pair of chopsticks 9.buy some peaches 10.her job

三.用所给单词的适当形式填空 (5分)

1 .My mother is _______(make) a cake in the kitchen.

2 .What is your sister doing ?She is ________(wash)some dirty dishes. 3 .Can you ______(fly) a kite? No, I can’t.

4.Where is Grandpa ? He is ______(sit) in the bedroom and ______(watch) TV. 四,选择填空。(20分)

( )1.______are at the beach .

A Wang B Wangs C The Wangs

( )2 .Who’s she ? She’s________mother.

A Kitty and Ben’s B Kitty’s and Ben’s C Kitty and Ben

( )3. How ______the lemon taste ? It’s sour.

A. do B. is C.does

( )4._______umbrella is this ? It’s my cousin’s

A Who’s B What C Whose

( Some grapes, please.

A. do B. does C. would

( )6.Do you like these soldiers?

Yes ,I _______

A. like B. do C. does

( )7 ______is this toy bear ? It’s twelve yuan .

A .How many B . How much C. How

( )8.I can see an aeroplane flying ______the mountain.

A. under B. on C. above

( )9 .These are ________bananas.

A. yellow big B. big yellow C. yellow small

( )10. Is this plane _______ Beijing?

A. to B. for C. in

( )11.Who’s the boy _______red hair?

A.with B. in C.about

( )12._______the wind . Whoo-whoo!

A. Listen B. Listen to C Look at

( )13 ._______Chen is writing a letter to her aunt .

A. The B. Mr C . Mrs

( )14 ._______the blackboard and ________me .

A. Look…listen B. Look at…listen to C. Look at…listen

( )15. Look at the _________ in the hole. It is afraid.

A. mouse B. mice C. moth

( )16 .Here ______the Chens .

A .are B. is C. am

( )17.There is a temple ____the top of the mountain .

A .on B. at C. above

( )18 ._______is your dog? He’s behind the tree.

A. What B.Where C.How

( )19.Eddie can play______piano.

A .\ B . a C. the

( )20 . You are late for the party .Ben! Yes,I’m______

A . sorry B. happy C. afraid

五.阅读短文,判断句子是否与短文内容相符 ,相符用T,不符用F。(10分)

I live in Shanghai .It’s a nice city .The weather in Shanghai is nice . In spring it’s warm and rainy . Plants grow and grow .In summer it’s hot and sunny. The sun shines and shines .In autumn it’s cool and dry .Many people fly kites in the park .In winter it’s cold and wet .It rains sometimes(有时).I don’t like rainy days in winter.

1. I live in Shanghai .( )

2. The weather in Shanghai is not nice . ( )

3 .In spring it’s cold and dry . ( )

4 .It’s hot and sunny in summer .( )

5. I like rainy days in winter.( )


Today is Sunday .The sun is shining .It’s cool and dry .The students are in the park .Some girls are sitting under a big tree . They are singing .Kitty and Eddie are flying kites .They are happy .On the grass, the boys are playing football. John is watching them .There is a pond in the park. Some ducks are in the pond .Betty is drawing the ducks .She likes drawing .

1. Where are some girls ?____________________________________

2. What are some girls doing ?_________________________________

3. What are the boys doing ?_________________________________

4. Where are some ducks?_____________________________________

5. What is Betty doing ? _____________________________________

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