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Unit6 Meet my family!


Listening Part (听力部分)

一、听音,将你所听到的单词的序号填在题前的括号里.。 ( )1、A . parents B. people C. puppy D. player ( )2、A .father B. farmer C. family D. forty ( )3、A. doctor B driver C. dinner D. desk ( )4、A.uncle B. umbrella C. under D. use ( )5、A.baseball B. ball C. baby D. board



( )1.A. Five B. How many people? ( )2.A. He's a baseball player? B. She's a baseball player ( )3.A. Yes, she is . B. No, he isn't. ( )4.A. I like English. B. I'd like chicken. ( )5.A. I have 6. B. I can see 6. ( )6.A. Good job. B. Good idea. ( )7.A. No, it isn't. B. Yes, it is. ( )8.A. Sure, here you are. B. I 'd like some beef. 四、听音连线。




There are seven people in my family. This is my _______________. He is a _______________. This is my _______________. She is a _____________. This is my uncle. He is a ________________. This is my aunt. She is a __________________. They are my ____________________ and ____________________. This is me. We are all _________________s. We are good _____________________s.

Writing Part (笔试部分)


( )1.A. uncle B.aunt C. grandma D. man ( )2.A. music B. canteen C. art D.math ( )3.A. near B.under C. for D. on ( )4.A. chicken B.desk C. chair D. door ( )5.A. spoon B. chopsticks C. classroom D. fork ( )6.A. door B. board C. desk D.chair ( )7.A. forty B. twelve C. three D.fridge ( )8.A. TV B. fan C. canteen. D. computer


( ) 1. How many ________ are there in your family?

A. people B. peoples C. a peole

( ) 2. Come ________ meet my family.

A. on B. for C. and


( ) 3. My family ________ seven members.

A. have B. has C. is

( ) 4. --_______ boys are there in your classroom? ---23

A. Waht B. Where C. How many

( ) 5.My mother ______ long hair.

A. has B. is C. have

( ) 6. ----Who’s this man? ----___________

A. She is my teacher. B. He is my uncle. C. He’s strong.

( ) 7. ----Is this your aunt? ----____________

A. Yes, he is. B. No, she is. C.No, she isn’t.

( ) 8. This little boy is my ___________.

A. sister B. baby brother C. baby sister

( ) 9. My uncle __________ sports.

A. likes B. look C. like

( ) 10. He __________ strong.

A. look B. looks C. likes


①Who ②What ③How many ④What colour ⑤Where ⑥How old

1._________ would you like for dinner?

2._________ is your book? It's on the desk.

3.__________ is your pencil? It's black.

4._________ pens do you have? I have 5.

5._________ is this man? He's my uncle.

6.__________ are you? I'm 12.


1. family My seven members has


2. are they Who ?

____________________________________________________________ 3

3. Is your aunt this ?


4. My doctor a is father


5. looks strong He



( ) 1. Is she your teacher? A. Yes, he does.

( ) 2. What’s your mother? B. I’m going to be a doctor.

( ) 3. Does your uncle like sports? C. No, she isn’t.

( ) 4. What are you going to be? D. She is a nurse.

( ) 5. How many people are there in your family? E. Five

十一 、仔细阅读短文,判断下面的句子与文章描述是否相符,相符“√”,不相符打“×” 。

This is Amy’s family. There are seven people in her family. Her partents are doctors. They work in a big hospitl(医院). They are good doctors. Her uncle and her aunt are teachers. Her uncle ia a math teacher. Her aunt teacher(教)English. They are not in the same(相同的) school. Her uncle works in No.2 Primary school(第二小学), and her aunt is in No.3 primary school(第三小学). Amy has twin brothers. They are only three years old. Amy is eleven. She is in No.3 Primary School, too. It’s a big and happy family.

( ) 1. There are five people in Amy’s family.

( ) 2. Amy’s unvle is an English teacher.

( ) 3. Amy’s partents work in a big hospital.

( ) 4. Amy has a brother.

( ) 5. Amy is a student.




No.1.people No.2.farmer No.3.doctor No.4.uncle No.5.baby


1.Act like a drive. 2.Act like a nurse. 3.Act like a teacher.

4.Act like a baseball player. 5.Act like a farmer. 6.Act like a doctor.


1.How many people are there in your family? 2.What's your father?

3.Is this your mother? 4.What would you like?

5.How many books do you have? 6.Let's clean the classroom.

7.Is this your study? 8.Can I have some beef?


(1) My father is a doctor.

(2) My mother is a nurse.

(3) My grandpa is a farmer.

(4) My grandma is a teacher.

(5) I’m a student.


There are seven people in my family. This is my father. He is a doctor. This is my mother. She is a nurse. This is my uncle. He is a driver. This is my aunt. She is a farmer. They are my brother and sister. This is me. We are all students. We are good friends.


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