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1. Please _________ look at the blackboard.

A. not B. don’t to C. don’t D. no

2. There _________ any money on the floor.

A. are B. is C. isn’t D. aren’t

3. Let me help you _________ the box.

A. to finds B. to see C. look D. find

4. I can’t speak _________ English. What’s that _________ English?

A. /, of B. in, in C. /, in D. the, /

5. Are Lily and Lucy in _________ class? No, they are in _________ classes.

A. the same, the different B. a same, a different

C. same, different D. the same, different

6. Jim likes _________ TV after school.

A. watch B. watches C. to watch D. to see

7. The clothes are green. I want to _________.

A. color it red B. color it to red

C. color them red D. color them to red

8. _________ young man in a black shirt is _________ good worker.

A. The, the B. The, a C. An, a D. An, the

9. It’s 7 o’clock. It’s time for _________.

A. get to school B. go to school C. school D. schools

10. These books are Miss Li’s. Please give _________

A. her tem B. them to her C. it to her D. her it.

11. Mr. Smith is forty, but he _________ very old.

A. look B. looks like C. looks D. look like

12. This isn’t _________ skirt. _________ is on the clothes line.

A. my, My B. his, His

C. her……Her D. your……Yours

13. _________ is your bike? The green one.

A. Where B. Which C. What D. What colour

14. Who’s the girl _________ green. Is she your sister?

A. on B. in C. in the D. in a

15. Tom is _________ brother.

A. Lucy’s and Lily B. Lucy’s and Lily’s

C. Lucy’s and Lily D. Lucy and Lily’s

16. ---- Aren’t you a Young Pioneer? ---- _________.

A. No, I am B. Yes, I’m not C. Yes, I am D. Yes, I’m

17. This is _________ picture of _________ Green family.

A. a, a B. the, / C, a, the D. the, the 1

18. Can you see the bird _________ the apple tree.

A. on B. in C. down

19. ---- There’s a football game in the afternoon.

---- _________!

A. Sure B. Come on C. Great

20. _________ woman in red is Wu Hua’s mother.

A. That B. a C. The

21. ---- What’s the time. Please? ---- It’s _________.

A. half to eight B. forty to nine D. behind D. All right D. An

C. thirty-five past seven D. five to five

22. ---- What color is your new coat?

---- It’s _________ orange. It’s _________ orange coat.

A. the, the B. a, an C. /, a D. /, an

23. ----Mr. Wang, I’m very ________ to see you. ---- _________ to meet you

A. nice, Glad B. fine, Nice C. glad, Gladly D. glad, Nice

24. ---- Who is the girl over there? ---- I don’t know. Let’s _________ him.

A. to go and meet B. to go and to meet

C. to go and meet D. go and meet

25. _________ is my uncle.

A. The man on the brown car B. The man in brown car

C. The man in the brown car D. On the brown car man


1. They are those ____________ bags . (child )

2. There aren’t _________ pictures in the book. ( some )

3. It’s time _________ up. (get)

4. The door is ____________.(lock)

5. These sweaters are ________________(they). _____________(our) are on the chair.

6. Sue and I are __________________(woman) teachers.

7. Let_____________(he) look at the picture.

8. Mr Green ____________ to work at 8:00. (go)

9. I ________________ a watch. (not have)

10. Jim’s father is a __________(work).


1. It’s time for lunch. (同义句)

It’s time ___________ ___________ lunch.

2. Are there any American buses in the street? (单数)

___________ there __________ American ___________ in the street?

3. Put on your shoes. (反义句)

___________ ___________ your shoes.


are father’s. (划线提问)

___________ ___________ are father’s.

5. There are some birds in the sky. (用some kites)

___________ there __________ birds or __________ __________ in the sky?

6. Is the nice watch hers?(复数)

Are the nice ___________ ___________?

___________ ___________ animals ___________ you see on the hill.

8. It’s five forty-five?(同义句)

It’s ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________.

四、补全对话 对话填空,选十个单词,并用适当的形式填空(5分)

A: Excuse me, Han Mei. __1__ the time, please?

B: Sorry. I don’t know. I __2__ find my__3__. Please go and __4__ Mr. Hu. A: Excuse me. What time is it, please?

C: It’s __5__ 3:30.

A: Thank you, Mr. Hu.

C: __6__ watch is that? __7__ at it under the table.

B: Is it black?

C: Yes, it is.

B: Let__8__have a look. Oh, it’s mine.

C: __9__ you are.

B:__10__ very much.

C: You’re welcome.


This is __1__ bedroom. It’s a nice room. We can see a bed, two __2__, a chair and a cat on the floor. What __3__ see on the wall? We can see some __4__ and a kite on it. We can also(还)see two windows __5__wall. Where’s __6__ computer? It’s on __7__ table.

Some flowers are on this table, __8__. Where __9__ her pencil-box and books? They are on the other(另一个)table. We can see a clock __10__ it. Under the chair is her cat. It’s a very nice bedroom.

1. A. Kate

2. A. tables B. of Kate

B. table C. Kate’s C. can

3 D. of Kate’s D. table’s D. we C. tables’ 3. A. we can B. can we

4. A. in picture 5. A. in the 6. A. a

B. picture B. in B. the B. two B. are B. under

C. pictures C. on the C. some C. one C. too C. be C. on

D. of picture D. on D. an D. no D. is the D. of

D. an

7. A. the one 8. A. yes 9. A. is 10. A. in A

B. an one


Jim is an English boy. He is thirteen. He is a middle school student. He is in No.6 Middle School. He is in Class 2, Grade 2. His teacher is Miss Gao.

In his nice bedroom, you can see a bed, a table, a chair, a clock, a map, a picture, a cat and some flowers. There is a black cat under the table. There is a blue clock on the table, and there is a map of China and a picture of Jim’s family on the wall. 1. Jim ________ . Which isn’t right?

A. is an English boy in No.6 Middle School. C. is in Class 2, Grade 2. 2. Miss Gao is _______. A. Jim’s teacher 3. What colour is Jim’s cat?

A. I don’t know. B. Black 4. What’s on the wall? A. blue clock.

B. A map of China.

D. Both B and C. C. Nine

D. Ten

C. A picture of Jim’s family. A. Seven B

My name is Ted Pike. I am a worker in a big store (商店). I don’t work in the morning. I only work at night(夜晚). Every morning I come home at about half past six. I have breakfast at seven. After breakfast I go to bed. I get up at about half past two. I have lunch at a quarter to three and supper at twenty to eight. Then I go to work at a quarter past eight. I start work(开始工作) at nine. I look after the store every night. I like my job very much.

6. Ted Pike only works _____________.

A. in the morning B. at noon C. in the afternoon D. at night 7. When does Ted go home every morning? A. At about half past seven B. At a quarter to seven


B. is thirteen years old.

D. has a nice classroom.

B. Jim’s English teacher D. not Jim’s teacher C. Dark black

D. Light black.

C. Jim’s Chinese teacher

5. How many kinds(种类) of things are there in the passage(短文)?

B. Eight

C. At six thirty D. At seven

8. Ted goes to bed___________.

A. at night B. before breakfast

C. before lunch D. after breakfast

9. How long(长) is it between lunch and supper?

A. Four hours and fifty-five minutes(分钟)

B. A quarter to three C. Twenty to eight

D. Five hours and fifty-five minutes.

10. Which is wrong?

A. Ted starts work at night. B. Ted starts work at 8:15 p.m.

C. Ted is a worker in the store D. Ted likes his work very much.


Hello, friend!

My name is Zhou Dan. I’m a Chinese girl. I’m twelve. I’m from Zhengzhou, China. Do you know Zhengzhou? It’s in the middle of China. I’m in No.8 Middle School. There are about nine hundred students and fifty teachers in our school. Ours is a good school in Zhengzhou. I’m in Class2, Grade 1. There are 49 students in our class--- 29 girls and 20 boys. My English teacher is Miss Zhao Dan. Our names are almost the same, right? She is nice to me. We’re good friends. I like English, and I like music, too. I want to find a pen friend. Please write to me.


Zhou Dan


11. The e-mail is from Zhou Dan.

12. There are nine hundred and fifty people in Zhou Dan’s school.

13. Zhou Dan is in Grade 2.

14. The names of Zhou Dan and her English teacher are the same.

15. Zhou Dan likes music only.


1. 你的雨衣在讲台后面还是在窗户下面?

Is your ______________________________________ or ________________________?

2. 让我帮你打扫你的卧室吧!

Let me _______________________________________________.

3. 山上有多少只绵羊?

_______________________________ are there _________________________?

4. 我想要一台像这样的彩电。

I _______________________________________________________________.

5. 谁的衣服在晾衣绳上?是他的。

______________________ on ________________________________?

They’re ________.



根据所给的图,以Li Lei’s bedroom 为题写一篇短文,不少于6句话。

__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________


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