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Part B Let's talk

Let’s chant

aord road
eter tree elduinbg building

seohu house
lkea lake rakp park

tiyc city
alegilv village rbdgie bridge

This is a city.

This is a village.

There are some tall buildings in the city. Are there any tall buildings in the city? There are many trees in the village. Are there any trees in the village?

Let’s try

Let’s talk

I’m the country mouse.

I’m the city mouse.

Yes, ________. there are

lowers Are there any f______


rees t_____

in the village?

Yes, ________. there are

uildings Are there any tall b______ in the city?

总结归纳: There be 句型的用法(be包括is和are)

1、There is + 可数名词单数 不可数名词
2、There are + 可数名词复数

我能记住 它!

一、用恰当的be动词填空 1 There are two tables and a chair in the room . 2 There is some milk in the glass. 3 There is a chair and two tables in my room. 4 There are two cats behind the window.

总结归纳: 3、There be 句型变换: a.一般疑问句将be提到there前面 Is/are there …? 肯定回答:Yes there is/are. 否定回答:No, there isn’t/aren’t.

我能记住 它!

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