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Unit5 Dinner’s ready

姓名______ 班级______

Listening Part (听力部分)


( ) ( ) ( )

( ) ( )

二、听一听,与听到的内容相同打对号√,不同打错号×。 ( )1、I’d like some vegetables and soup.

( )2、I can use chopsticks now.

( )3、Pass me a plate, please.

( )4、What would you like for dinner?

( )5、I like Chinese food, too.


( )1.A. noodles B. hot dog C. bread ( )2.A. soup B. spoon C. plate ( )3.A. chopsticks B. fork C. hamburger ( )4.A. vegetable B. chicken C. kitchen ( )5.A. fork B. plate C. knife ( )6.A. Help yourself. B. Let me show you. ( )7.A. I like beef. B. I like meat. ( )8.A. I'd like some soup. B. I'd like some fish.



( )Dad, I'm hungry, What's for dinner?

( )What would you like?

( )Dinner's ready! Your forks and chopsticks.

( )Let me show you.

( )Thank you, dad.

( )Yummy. I like these food.


( )1.A.Thank you. B. Sure. Here you are.

( )2.A.I'd like some beef and soup. B.I like some beef and rice.

( )3.A.You're welcome. B. I'd like some chicken and juice.

( )4.A.I'd like some vegetable and sop, and noodles.

B.John likes chicken, hot dog, and juice.

Writing Part(笔试部分)


( )1. A. fridge B. knife C. home

( )2. A. thin

( )3. A. can

( )4. A. me B. use B. we D. table B. strong C. phone D. tall C. may D. must C. they D. I

B. pass C. fork D. wash ( )5. A. cut


1、br__d 2、_gg 3、m_lk 4、w_t_r

5、r_c_ 6、b__f 7、ch_ck_n 8、f_sh


( )1.Let ____ show you.

A.I B. me C. my

( )

2. ______ would you like? I'd like some noodles


A. What B. Where C. Who

( )3. Cut _____ the knife.

A. in B. with C. on

( )4. Can I have ______ rice please?

A. some B. any C. many

( )5. _________ is ready. Thanks.

A. Something B. Anything C. Everything

( )6.What would you like for dinner? ___________

A. I'd like some meet. B. I have some fruits. C. I like rice. ( )7.What would you like ______ breakfast.

A. at B. for C. with

( )8. — Can I have some noodle, please? — Sure. _______

A. Thank you. B. Here you are. C. Wait and see.

( )9.______ are you? I am in the living room.

A. What B. Who C. Where

( )10. ___________ ? It's ten yuan.

A. How much B. How old C. How many

( )11.Where is my pen? ______________.

A. It's on the desk. B. They're on the desk. C. It's a pink

( )12.---- Mom,_________ I help you?

-----Yes, Pass me a plate please!

A. Do B. Can C. Am



I'd likes some ., some


two , a glass



some 3

, some


and some


( ) 1. What can you see on the plate? A. They're 7 yuan.

( ) 2. What would you like? B. I'd like some rice.

( ) 3. Can you use the chopsticks? C. Yes, I can.

( ) 4. How much are the apples? D. Sure, here you are.

( ) 5. Can I have some water? E. I can see some meat on it. 十一、连词成句。

1. for What dinner is


2. would like What you


3. would I some vegetables bread and like please


4. are here you


十一、读短文,判断句子,正确的写“T", 否则写”F"。

Zip: Welcome! What would you like for dinner?

Zoom:I'd like some fish and soup.

Zip: Here you are. Would you like some beef and chicken?

Zoom:I'd like some chicken. I don't like beef. Can I have some noodles?

Zip:Sorry. We have no noodles now, The fish is eight yuan, fish and soup are thirteen yuan, the beef is ten yuan, chicken is, too. Here's the bill(帐单)。

1.Zoom likes fish. ( )

2.Zoom likes beef ( )

3.The soup is four yuan.( )

4.The chicken is ten yuan.( )

5.The bill is thirty-three yuan.( )



一、1、I’d like some chicken.

2、Give me a plate.

3、I’d like some rice.

4、I’d like some beef.

5、Give me a spoon.

二、1、I’d like some vegetables and water.

2、I can use chopsticks now.

3、Pass me a knife, please.

4、What would you like for breakfast?

5、I like Chinese food, too.


1.I like bread. 2.Pass me the plate,please.

3.Use the chopsticks . 4.Is your mother in the kitchen?Yes, she is.

5.Cut with knife. 6.Help yourself. 7.I like meat. 8.I'd like some soup.


1.Dad, I'm hungry, What's for dinner? 2.What would you like?

3.I'd like some rice and soup. 4.Dinner's ready! Your forks and chopsticks.

5.Let me show you. 6.Yummy. I like these food. 7.Thank you, dad.

五、听问句,选择正确的 答句

1.I'd like some apples. 2.What would you like for lunch?

3.What would you like for dinner? 4.What would John like for lunch?


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