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Unit4 My home

姓名______ 班级______

Listening Part (听力部分)

一、听音,把你听到的单词序号填在题前括号里。 ( )1.A. bathroom B. bedroom C. living room ( )2.A. sofa B. study C. shelf ( )3.A. fish B. fridge C. for ( )4.A. home B. room C. Classroom ( )5.A. table B. kitchen C. open ( )6.A. on B. no C. not ( )7.A. chair B. here C. where ( )8.A. they are. B. aren't C.isn't ( )9.A. bed. B. desk C.bedroom ( )10.A. they B. key C. hey



( ) 1. A. Great! B. OK!

C. You're right. 1

( ) 2. A. Yes, it is. B. No, he isn't. C. Yes, it's my desk.

( ) 3. A. It's a nice room. B. It's in my room.

C. I can see a bed and a desk.

( ) 4. Yes, she is. B. No, they aren't. C. No, he isn't.

( ) 5. A. It's in the kitchen. B. I have a cat.

C. Is it your cat?

Writing Part 笔试部分




( )1.A. phone

( )2.A. room

( )3.A. key B. desk B. kitchen C. chair D.bed C. bedroom D.bathroom B. he C. she D.they ( )4.A. in B. on C.under D.no ( )5.A. fridge B. table C. sofa D.shelf


1.Where are the keys? _____

A. They are in the door. B. It's in the door. C. We are in the living room.

2.Is Chen Jie in the bedroom? _______

A. Yes, it isn't. B. No, he's in the kitchen C. Yes, she is.

3.The lamp is _____ the desk.

A. on B. in C. under

4.Are they in the door? _________

A. No, they aren't. B. No, it isn't. C. Yes, it is.

5.How many English books do you have? _____________

A. I have 9. B. I can see 10 . C. Yes, I do.

6.The dog is _____ the chair,

A. in B. under C. in

7.Are they ____ the door? Yes, they are.

A. in B. under C. on

8.Who's he? ________

A.She is Bai Ling. B. He's Zhang Peng. C.It's a book.


( )1. Is she in the study? A. It's on the desk.

( )2.Is this your bedroom? B. No, they aren't.

( )3.Where's my pen? C.No, it isn't.

( )4.Are they on the chair? D.Yes, she is.

( )5.Where are my books? E.They are on the bed.


1. is house It a nice



2. big my room is


3. are the on table They


4. is Where your book?


5. classroom your What's in



( ) Are they on the table?

( ) OK!

( ) Open the door, please!

( ) Look! They are in the door!

( ) No, they aren't.

( ) Where are the keys?


Hello! Welcome to my home.

I have two bedroom, a living room, a kitchen, a study and a bathroom. In my bedroom, there is a small bed. In the living room, there is a chair, a desk and a TV. In the study, there are two shelves and a desk. I read books in the study.

I like my room.

( ) 1. I have three bedrooms.

( ) 2. The TV is in the living room.

( ) 3. I have six rooms.

( ) 4. I have a big bed in my bedroom.

( ) 5. The computer is in the study.




1. livingroom 2. study 3.fridge 4.home 5. Kitchen

6.on 7.where 8.aren't 9.bedroom 10.they


1.Go to the bedroom ,Have a sleep. 2.Sit on the sofa. 3.Open the fridge.

4.Set the table. 5.Make the bed.

7.Go to the bathroom, Take a shower.

9.Go to the kitchen, Have a snack.


1.Is this your schoolbag?

2.Is your book in the classroom?

3.Where is the cat?

4. Are they on the table?

5. Where is the fridge?

6.Go to the living room watch TV. 8. Go to the study, Watch TV. 10.Answer the phone. 5

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