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1 Let’s go to the supermarket, 2 Who went to the Great Wall?

3 There aren enough pencils for everyone.

4 Is this Jimmy’s sweater? Yes,it’s his.

5 I visited Big Ben and the London Eye.


’There 三,对号入座

A pencil B cheese C mountain D juice E line F ice cream G box H wheel I postcard J bottle

铅笔( ) 瓶( ) 明信片( ) 冰激凌( ) 盒( ) 奶酪( ) 绳子( ) 果汁( ) 轮子( ) 山 ( )

四 找出不同类的单词

( )1,A cheese B juice C apples

( )2, A you B hers C she

( )3 A pencil B bag C bike

( )4 A T-shirt B cap C sweater

( )5 A wheel B when C whose


( )1. Lingling is _ London_Sam . A. at,with B. to,for C. in,with

( )2.、Give one pencil ___ every child. A to B for c out

( )3.We ____John in the park. A. meet B. meeting C. met

( )4. She _____ my T-shirt. A wear B took C take

( )5. How many __do you want? A. bananas B. banana C. milk

( )6. Amy and Sam __apples. A. like B. likes C. do

( )7. ____did you come back?Last Sunday. A.Whose B.Where C. When

( )8. They walked __one hour. A. with B. for C. in

( )9.Let’s buy one kilo __noodles. A. for B. of C. to

( )10. _cheese do you want? A. How many B. How much C. How


( )1.Do you live in this city? A. It’s hers.

( )2.Whose bag is this? B. Supermarket.

( )3. How much cheese? C. No,he didn’t.

( )4. Where did you go? D. Yes,I do.

( )5.Did Sam meet John? E. Two kilos.

( )6. Are there enough pencils? F. No,she didn’t.

( )7. When did you go? G. Yes,there are..

( )8. Did Linglimg drop her ice creams? H. Last Saturday.

( )9.What’s the matter? I. OK.

( )10.Let’s go to the supermarket. J.She took my pen.


A. How much B. How many C. What did you buy there?

B. How are you? E. Where did you go at the weekend?

Linglimg:Hello,Sam. __ Sam:I’m fine,thank you.

Lingling: __ Sam:I went to the supermarket.

Lingling: ______ Sam:I bought some apples and some meat. Lingling: __meat? Sam:Two kilos.

Lingling: __apples? Sam:Twelve.


Jerry lost his pet, a little dog. He was very sad. He looked for it every where, but he didn’t find. Tom is Jerry’s good friend. So he helped Jerry look for the dog. They called its name, Bob, in and out of he house.At last(最后)they went to the street. They heart a dog shouting and went to see it. It was Bob. It was playing with another dog in the street.

Tom and Jerry were very happy.

( )1、Tom was sad.

( )2、Jerry’s dog was lost.

( )3、Jerry and Tom are good friends.

( )4、Tom didn’t help Jerry look for the dog.

( )5、They found the dog in the house.


1.﹍ce cr﹍﹍m (冰激凌)2.p﹍stc﹍﹍d(明信片)3.﹍﹍eel(轮子)

4.b﹍tt﹍e(瓶子) 5.sh﹍pping l﹍st(购物单) 6.f﹍﹍d(食物)

7.I bought some __(奶酪)at the weekend.

8.Daming wants to drink some__(果汁).

9. Lingling __(掉了)her apples.

10. We __(遇见)John in the park.

十 连词成句

1 bananas do want many how you?_________________________ 2 what you did go? _________________________ 3 bag is this yours.? _________________________- 4 are enough pencils there .. __________________________ 5 pencil Sam’s this is. __________________________

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