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新概念英语青少版1B 16-20测试五年级

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新概念英语1 B

Unit 16 ------ Unit 20 Test

一、 单词分类:(30’)

table bread water bridge cheese people food man juice grape butter tea bottle coffee fork onion park rice sugar drawer boy spoon peach milk child meat plate field hand football



二、 选择填空:(20’)

1. Look _______ all the bridges! A. to B. at C. of

2. Pass me _______ binoculars. A. a B. some C. the

3. ________ this, Lucy! A. Watch B. See C. Look

4. You’re good ______ gymnastics. A. on B. of C. at

5. Pass _______ a knife, please. A. my B. me C. I

6. Perhaps, we can _______ a restaurant. A. do B. eat C. open

7. I can’t eat and ____ beautiful. A. is B. be C. am

8. Please help _____________. A. yourself B. your C. you

9. Can I _______ you at half past nine? A. talk B. call C. speak

10. ______ a surprise! A. Where B. When C. What

三、 句型转换:(20’)

1. There’ re some children on the bridge. (改成一般疑问句)

2. Can you balance on the ball? (做否定回答)

3. There’就划线部分提问)

4. Nina must eat. (改成否定句)

四、 用括号内词的正确形式填空:(30’)

1. There _____(be) lots of bread in the tin.

2. Can you give ______(I) the book, please?

3. I can’t see _______(some) apples there.

4. There’re some ________(knife) in the drawer.

5. There’s ________(banana) in the fridge.

6. Are they _________________(postman)?

7. Oh, it’s _______(she) schoolbag.

8. ____(be) there lots of people in the park?

9. That’s ______(we) teacher.

10. There ______(be not) a girl in the classroom.

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