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人教版小学六年级上学期英语第三单元单元清试题 班级:______学号:______姓名:_____________ 得分_______

一、根据提示写出所缺单词 (30分)

1、Where are you going this __________ ?(早上)

2、I’m going to the ____________.(书店)

3、What are you going to ________ ?(买)

4、I’m going to buy a _________(漫画书) book.

5、What are you ________ to do ? (打算去)

二、选择正确答案 (20分)

( ) 1.What are you going to do this afternoon?

A. I’m going to buy a book. B. I’m a student.

C. I go to school by bike. D. Are you a teacher?

( ) 2. Excuse me. Where is the library?

A. Where’s the museum? B. Where’s the school?

C. Where’s the hospital? D. It’s next to the post office.

( ) 3. I’m going to buy an English book.

A. Do you have comic book? B. What are you going to buy?

C. This afternoon. D. I’m going to plant trees.

( ) 4. 当你去商店时,售货员通常首先会说: ____________

A. How are you ? B. What are you going to do?

C. Are you a student? D. Can I help you ?

三、给下面的问题选择正确的答案 (40分)

( )1. What are you going to do? A. By train.

( )2. When are you going? B. Take a trip.

( )3. Where are you going? C. Yes,I am.

( )4. How do you go to the zoo? D. At 3 o’clock.

( )5. Are you going to use any books? E. I’m going to Beijing.





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