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二、Read and choose(读句子,选择适当的内容填空30分)

(1) How do (you/ your) go to England?

(2)My school is near my home. It is not (near/far).

(3)Let’s go to the bus stop (4) Our classroom is on the (two/second) floor.

(5) See you

三、Read and match(句子搭配30分)

( )1. How do you go to the supermarket? a. Sure, if you like. ( ) 2. Can I go on foot? b. It’s near a fast food shop. ( )3. Where is your home? c. I go there by the No. 15 bus. ( ) 4. Look at the traffic lights. d. you can get there on foot. It’s not far.

( )5. How can I get to the bookstore?

e. We must stop.

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