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PEP 小学英语 五年级 第四单元综合测试

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一、【四会词汇】根据所给汉语写出相应的英1. A.do the dishes 语单词或短语。(10分)




2. B.put away the clothes 4.打扫卧室__________




3. C.make the bed 8.洗碗碟__________




的汉语意思。(45分) 4. D.cook the meals ( )1.helpful ( )2.at home

( )3.ill 二、听音,根据你所听到的短语,按(A~D)

( )4.wash the windows ( )5.just do it 的顺序给图片标号。(8分)

( )6.have a try

( )7.robot ( )8.play chess

( )1. ( )2.

( )3.

( )4. 三、听音,补全句子,注意大小写。(16分) 1.A:What can you do? B:I can ________ the ________. 2.A:Can you ________ the windows?

综合全练全测 B:Sorry,I can't.But I'd like to have a 听力部分(40分) ________.

一、听句子,将人物头像与相应短语连线。(83.A:________ can play chess in ________ 分) family?

B:My father.

4.A:________ you helpful at home?


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1.I usually do (homework,housework) in the evening.

2.What (can,does) he do?

3.John can clean the (windows,bedroom). 4.What can (Ann,Alice) do at home?



1. watch __________ 2.

2. __________ the dishes

3. use a __________ 4.

4. __________ the clothes

5. __________ the meals 6. set the________

7. __________ the bed


1.My sister________use a computer. 2.What can they________at home?

3.Ben can help his mother do________.

4.________you wash the clothes? 七、按要求完成句子。(8分) 1.He can clean the desks.

______ he clean the desks?(改为一般疑问句)

2.Alice can play chess.

Alice ______ play chess.(变否定句) 3.Can Mike play chess?

Yes,______ ______.(作肯定回答) 4.Do you read books on weekends? ______,I ______.(作否定回答) 八、选择恰当的答语。(6分) ( )1.What can you do?

( )2.Can Amy set the table? ( )3.Who can use a computer?


Hello!My name is Alice.I have a happy family.There are three people in my family.They are my father,my mother and I.We all do housework _(1)_ home.My father can cook the _(2)_.My mother can wash the _(3)_ and clean

the bedroom.I can empty the trash and __(4) __ the flowers.I can set the table,too.

1.选择适当的单词将短文补充完整。(4分) A.clothes B.water C.at D.meals

(1)______ (2)______ (3)______ (4)______


(1)Can Alice's father cook the meals?


(2)What can Alice do?


十、看图完成句子。(12分) 十一、说一说。(3分)

Can you do housework at home? What can you do?What can't you do?

I can


I can’t__________________________________

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一、1.Teacher:What can you do,Chen Jie?

Chen Jie:I can make the bed.

2.Teacher:Hello,Mike.What can you do?

Mike:I can cook the meals. 3.Teacher:Can you cook the meals,Wu Yifan?

Wu Yifan:No,I can't.I can do the dishes. 4.Amy:I'm Amy.I can put away the clothes. 二、Sarah:Hello,Chen Jie.What do you do after school?

Chen Jie:Usually I read books and help my


Sarah:Really? What can you do?

Chen Jie:I can clean the bedroom and

empty the trash.I can water the flowers,too.

三、1.A:What can you do?

B:I can sweep the floor.

2.A:Can you clean the windows?

B:Sorry,I can't.But I'd like to have a


3.A:Who can play chess in your family?

B:My father.

4.A:Are you helpful at home?B:Sure. 四、1.I usually do homework in the evening.

2.What does he do?

3.John can clean the windows. 4.What can Alice do at home?



一、1.cook the meals 2.water the flowers 3.sweep the floor 4.clean the bedroom

5.make the bed 6.set the table 7.wash

the clothes 8.do the dishes

9.use a computer 10.can't/cannot 二、1.倒垃圾 2.做家务 3.收拾衣服

三、1.G 2.C 3.H 4.B 5.E 6.D 7.F 8.A 9.I

四、1.A 2.E 3.D 4.B 5.C 6.F 一、1—C 2—D 3—A 4—B 二、1.A 2.D 3.C 4.B 三、1.sweep,floor 2.clean,try 3.Who,your 4.Are,Sure

四、1.homework 2.does 3.windows 4.Alice 五、1.watch TV 2.do the dishes 3.use a 4. the clothes

the bed

六、1.can't 2.do 3.housework 4.Can

七、1.Can 2.can't 3.he,can 4.No,don't 八、1.C 2.A 3.B 九、1.(1)C (2)D (3)A (4)B 2.(1)Yes, he can.

(2)She can empty the trash,water the

flowers and set the table.

十、1.water the flowers 2.Zip 3.sweep the floor 4.Can,wash/clean the windows

十一、I can clean the bedroom.

I can wash the clothes and do the dishes. I can't cook the meals, but I'd like to have

a try.(答案供参考)

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