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新标准英语四年级上册Module 8 Test

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新标准英语四年级上册Module 8 Test


( )1.A.fast B.jump C.high D.long

( )2.A.high jump B.long jump C.metres D.run the 100 metres

( )3.A.run B.make C.lake D.do

( )4.A.look B.nice C.wash D.draw

( )5.A.swim B.run C.long D.ride



4.加油______________ 5.跑2006.do the long jump ________

7.in the park table tennis ___________ 9.do the 三.选择题

( )1.We’( )2.What are you doing to do___ Sports Day? A.at B.for C.in D.of

( )3.I’m going to run___ the park. A.in B.on C.at D.for

( )4.I’m going to do the____. A.jump long B.jump high C.long jump

( )5.I’m the____ . A.win B.winner. C.wins D.winer

( )6.I’m going to run the 100___A.meter B.fast C.long D.metres

( )7.I’m going to___ every day. A.trainning B.train C.trains


( )8.I can ___high. A.jumping B.jumped C.runing D.jump

( )9.He’s going to ____the long jump .A.run B.jump C.doing


( )10._____ are you going to do tomoorow? When B.Why C.Who



( )I’m going to run every day ( ) I’( )What are you going to do for Sports Day?

( )We’五.从B栏句子选出A

( A.Yes, I can.

( )2.Where are you B.He’s playing chess.

( )3.What to do? C.No, thank you.

( )4.What’s your name? D.They are rowing a boat.

( )5.What are you doing? E.I’m Xiaoming.

( )6.What is he doing? F.I’m going to draw a horse.

( )7.What is she doing? G.I’m going to do the high jump.

( )8.What are they doing? H.We are drinking milk.

( )9.Can you make a cake? I.We are going to the park.

( )10.Do you want some rice? J.She is swimming.


( )1.大明参加200

A. Come in ,Daming ( )2.你想知道Lingling

A.( )3.Good luck.”你应该说:

B.To you. C.Thank you.

( )4.Sam今天要去参加英语考试,早上出门,妈妈可以对他说:

A.Good afternoon. B.Good lucky. C.Good luck.

( )5.晚上到睡觉时间爸爸对你说:

A.It’s time to get up B.It’s sleeptime C.It’s bdetime

( )6.你想知道对方叫什么名字?你可以问:

A.What are you doing? B.What’s your name ? C.Where are you?


1.do what are going you to ___________________________________________

2.day am run I going every to_____________________________________

3.going to metres I 400 run am the ________________________________

4.winner I the 5.the I going do to 6.am I Day training 7.going I to win 8.going where are you ________________________________________________

9.football I going am to play_______________________________________

10.I fast can’t ride __________________________________________________


Mingming:What are you doing, Lingling?

Lingling:I’m training . I’m going to do the high jump .What are you going to do for Sports Day?

Mingming:I’m going to run the 100 metres.

( )1.Mingming is training for Sports Day.

( )2.Lingling is going to do the long jump.

( )3.Mingming is going to run the 100 metres.

( )4.Lingling is going to run the 100 metres.

( )5.Lingling si training for Sports Day.

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