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Unit 6 How do you get to school?
Section A 1a—2d



bike ride the bike

bus take the bus

train take the train

subway take the subway

car take the car

taxi take the taxi

plane take the plane

ship take the ship

boat take the boat

Walk On foot

ride the camel

ride the elephant

Look at the picture
Find out all the transportations in the pictures and fill in the following blanks

ride a bike take the bus 1. take the subway 2. ___________ 3. __________ take the train 4. ___________ 5. __________ 6. ___________ walk take a taxi on foot 7. __________

“take+冠词+交通工具”与 “by+ 交通工具”意思相同, 但是它们 之间又有什么区别呢? 谁能来说 一下!
前者是动词短语,后者是介词短语 take……to school get to school by……

take the bus, by bus, on school bus; take a taxi ,by taxi, in a taxi.; rides her bike ,by bike, on her bike; walks ,go… on foot;

? Make a similar dialogue with partner like this: A: How do you get to school? B: I take…/ I get to school by ….





plane car




Ask and answer questions
1. Bob 2. Mary 3. Paul 4. Yang lan 5. John

Bob takes the train Mary takes the subway Paul walks. Yang lan walks. John takes the bus.


4 5


? 1b
? A: How do Bob and Mary get to school? ? B: Bob takes the train and Mary takes the subway. ? A: How does John get to school? ? B: He takes the bus. ? A: How do Paul and Yang Lan get to school? ? B: They walk. Look, there they are now!


? Practise a dialogue like this: A: How does Bob get to school? B: He takes the train./he goes to school by train.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

one Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Night

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

eleven twelve Thirteen Fourteen Fifteen Sixteen Seventeen Eighteen Nineteen

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

ten Twenty Thirty Forty Fifty Sixty Seventy Eighty Ninety

? 2b
? forty-six _____ thirty-three ____ 46 33 seventy-two ____ ninety-nine ____ 99 72 105 one hundred and five _____ 58 fifty-eight _____ sixty-one____ 61 eighty-four _____ 84

? 2c
Conversation 1 ? Boy: How do you get to school? ? Girl: I take the ________ train ? Boy; How long does it take? forty ? Girl: Oh, around _______ minutes. How about you? subway ? Boy: I take the ________. ? Girl: How long does that take? thirty-five ? Boy: Oh, around ________ minutes. ? Conversations 2 ? Girl: How do you get to school, Tom? bike ? Tom: I ride my_______. ? Girl: How long does it take? ? Tom: It takes around _________ minutes. How do you get to twenty-five school? ? Girl: I_____. walk ? Tom: And how long does that take? ten ? Girl: It only takes _______ minutes.

? Pairwork

? A: How do you get to school? ? B: I walk / ride my bike / take the bus… ? A: How long does it take? ? B: It takes about …


ao Lin想写信告诉他的外国笔友,他在 十一期间去了许多有趣的地方,大致的行程如下所 示,你能帮他翻译吗?
2小时 8小时 4小时

Weihai---------Dalian ----------Beijing----------Hongkong

depend on

视…而定; 决定于

e.g.A: What are you going to take? B: It depends on what you like.
A: 你要买什么? B: 那要取决于你喜欢什么.

be different from 与…不同
e.g. The food in China is different from that in America.

Fill in the blanks:


1 In North America, most students go to on the school bus. school_________________.

2. In Japan, most students___________ to take trains school. 3.In big cities in China, students take buses usually_________ to school or___________. ride bikes

I walk to the bus stop. Next I take the bus to the train station.

Then I take the train to Qingdao.

Make a survey: How do teachers get to Xin Hua Middle School? At Xin Hua Middle School, most teachers_____. Some teachers_________. Other teachers_________. A small number of teachers_______.



go to school on the bus
go to school by bus


3 take the bus to school

一. Go over

Mr Smith Go to work By subway / 25 minutes / 3 miles

A: How do / does SB go to work ?

B: SB take /takes the subway.
(SB go /goes to work by subway.) A: How far is it ( from … to … ) ? B: It is … miles / kilometers. A: How long does it take ( SB to go to work ) ?

B: It takes 25 minutes.

Lucy and Lily Go to school By bus / 15 minutes / 7 kilometers

Her uncle Go to the park

By motorbike / 30 minutes / 20 kilometers

Mrs Peng Visit Beijing


plane /

about 3 hours /

about 1300 kilometers

Your mother

Go to the supermarket
By taxi / 30 minutes / 4 miles Some visitors Go to Zhanjiang from Haikou

By ship / 10 hours /
around 130 kilometers

Li Lei

Go to see his grandmother
By train / around 6 hours / 700 kilometers Jim Go home

Walk (on foot) / 10
minutes /2 kilometers

一.Fill in the blanks with the right form of the words, then make your own sentences: ride take live think of get to

get to 1. How do you _________ school in the morning? think of 2. What do you _________ the transportation in your home town? take 3. When it rains I _____ a taxi . live 4. How far do you ____from the bus station? ride 5. I like to _____my bike on the weekend.

二. Role play(角色表演). Student B is not from Changsha, now he is in Changsha, he wants to find some places, so he needs help from student A. Please write the conversation and then act it out.

is there a/an…. Excuse me , where is the… ?

how can I get to … ?

can you tell me the way to…? How far is it ? How can/do I get there ? How long does it take me ?

三.More practice. 1. Listening part. Write the number from 1 to 5(听录音, 给下列图片标序.)










二.根据答语,完成问题. How many 1.________ hours do most students sleep every night ? About nine hours. How long 2.________ doe

s it take ? About half an hour.

How 3.________ does Miss Hill go to work ? She usually walks to her company.
4.________ does Ana go to school on foot ? How often Hardly ever. 5. How far is it from the city ? _______ Only two kilometers. How much 6._________ are your shoes?

One hundred yuan.

四. Homework :

1.Get ready for the dictation
about Unit 6 .

2.Write a composition : “ How do students in our class get to school ? ”

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