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Describe the objects that you feel

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Lesson Plan

Teaching Aims:

1. The sense of touching.

2. Describe the objects that you feel.

3. To have some basic information about rainforests.


1. Guess the words: eyes, ears, senses.

Board writing: eyes sense of looking and seeing

Ears sense of listening and hearing


1. Use your hearing in the rainforest.

1) Listen to the tropical music.

T: What comes up into your mind when you hear this piece of music? It’s a rainforest.

2) Remember Teaser.

Try to remember all the sounds you hear in the rainforest. Invite students to finish the grids on the board by a two-team competition.

3) Ask students to mime the sounds in the rainforest.

4) Now use your sight and hearing in the rainforest.

Follow the sound; you might see environments, plants and animals in the rainforest.

Pair work;

--Listen,….. What can you hear?

--I can hear…

--What can you see?

--I can see ...

2. Treasure in the rainforest.

T: Today I’ll guide you to feel the rainforest.

What do you touch and feel with?

Touch an object. Tell me ―How does it feel?‖—It is…

1) Guess: What is the treasure Rach’s going to tell you today?—Rubber Tree A: leaf

T: Touch it, is it hard? Is it soft? And it’s smooth.

Look around the classroom, find something smooth and ask Rach to touch it. S: Rach, touch it. It’s smooth.

B: trunk –bark

T: Who wants to know how this feels? Try to ask: Rach, how does it feel? T: It is rough. Not smooth.

Pair work: S1: Touch it. How does it feel?

S2: It’s rough. Not smooth.

3. Do a survey.

(Present four objects, ask one of each group to touch them. The rest of the group members asking the question: ―How does No. 1/2/3/4 feel?‖. The group


Do a reading about the rainforest and the rubber tree.

Write ―true or false‖ sentences to put them in the class Question Jar. Give the others to read and answer the questions.

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