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1. Today is Sunday. Tomorrow is Monday. yesterday was Saturday.

2. There are four seasons is a year. They are spring, summer, fall and winter.

3. It’s windy and warm in spring.

4. It’s sunny and hot in summer.

5. It’s windy and cold in fall.

6. It’s windy and cold in winter. 7. Tree-planting Day is on Mar. 12th

. 8. New Year’s Day is on Jan. 1st. 9. Army Day is on Aug. 1st. 10. National Day is on Oct. 1st

. 11. Christmas Day is on Dec. 25th. 12. Teacher’s Day is on Sept. 10th. 13. Women’s Day is on Mar. 8th. 14. Children’s pay is on June. 1st.

15. Birds can fly.

16. A tiger can swim.

17. Look! The duck is swimming in the lake.

18. Mike and John are good friends. They often play together. 19. A rabbit likes to eat carrots. 20. Stop at a red light.

21. Wait at a yellow light.

22. Go at a green light.

23. In China, drivers drive on the right side of the road.

24. In the US, drivers drive on the right side too.

25. In England and Australia, however, drivers drive on the left side of the road.

26. In Hongkong, drives drive on the left side of the road. 27. A teacher teaches lessons. 28. A cleaner cleans streets. 29. A singer sings songs. 30. A dancer dances. 31. A driver drives cars. 32. A writer writes stories. 33. A salesperson sells things.

34. A doctor helps sick people.

35. An artist draws pictures.

36. The rain comes from the clouds.

37. The cloud comes from the vapour.

38. The vapour comes from the water in the river.

39. The sun shines and the water becomes vapour.

40. You’re 51kg, I’m 50kg. You’re bigger and stronger than me.

41. An elephant is bigger and heavier than a mouse./ a tiger.

42. The monkey’s tail is longer than the rabbit’s.

43. The giraffe is taller than a deer.

44. A killer whale is about 3, 600kg.

45. A sperm whale is a bout 35 tons.

46. I’m sad. Because I failed my math test.

47. We are going to have a football match. I’m very happy.

48. We can borrow(借)books from the library.

49.We can buy some books from the bookstore.

50. We can buy some stamps in the post office.

51. We can see a film(电影)in the cinema.

52. We can see many doctors and nurse in the hospital.

53. There are seven days in a week.

Sunday is the first day of a week. Monday is the second day of a week. 54. There are twelve months in a year. May is the fifth month of a year. 55. The apples are sweet. The grapes are sour. 56. Mothers’ Day is the second Sunday in May. 57. Fathers’ Day is the third Sunday in June.

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