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Jin: Excuse 、 can I to the People’s Park? Tim: It’s far. You can go foot or you can a bus.

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( )1. ( )2. ( )3. ( )4. ( )5. 三、从下列单词中找出不同类的词。(5分)

( )1. A. stop B. train ( )2. A. yellow B. colour ( )3. A. right B. left ( )4. A. spring B. swim ( )5. A. bookstore B. near



C. bus C. red C. light C. skate C. cinema Jim: bus shall I take? Tim: No.2 or No.4.

Jim: very much. Tim: you’re welcome. 五、选择填空。(2分)

( )1. ---- do you get up? ---- I get up at 6:00 A. What B. When C. Where ( )2. I often play piano.

A. the B./ C. a

( )3. Sometimes I my grandparents. A. visit B. watch C. see ( )4. It’s spring now. It is A. windy and warm B. sunny and hot C. windy and cool ( )5. Mike often books in the evening. A. read B. reads C. watches ( )6. Look at the light. means “Wait” . A. Red B. Green C. Yellow

( )7. In China, drivers drive the right side of the road. A. in B. to C. on

( )8. I often go to school on foot, because A. my home is near. B. my home is far. C. it’s fast. ( )9. I can borrow (借)the book from the A. bookstore B. library C. shoe store


( )10. I want to buy some stamps(邮票)in the A. hospital B. cinema C. post office ( )11. Is there a cinema near here? A. Yes, there is B. No, it isn’t C.Yes, I have. ( )12. What are you going to do school. A. after B. off C. over 六、从右边找出左边句子的最佳答语。(10分)

( )1. How do you go to school? A. I ofen play fatball. ( )2. When do you get up? B. I am a policeman.

( )3. What do you do? C. I usually get up at 6:00. ( )4. What do you do on the weekend? D.I go to school by bike. ( )5. Where is the cinema? E. It’s next to the hospital. ( )6. Is it far from here? F. No, it’s not far.

( )7. How can I get to the park? G. You can go by the No.1 bus.( )8. Which season do you like best? H. My home is near the post office. ( )9. Can I go on foot? I. Sure, if you like. ( )10. Where is your home? J. Fall. 七、根据中文完成句子,一空一词。(18分) 1.让我们星期天去爬山吧。

Let’s on Sunday. 2.他们八点三十五分上英语课。

They at 8:35. 3.冬天,我们能堆雪人。

Winter. We can . 4.电影院在医院附近。

The cinema is near the . 5.在红灯时停,在绿灯时等。在绿灯时走。

at a red light. at a yellow light. at a

green light.


We must know the .



Usually I go to school .


Wei Hua is in a new school. It is not far from her home. It’s about ten minutes walk. But she has a problem. This school begins classes at 7:45. She is often late tor school.

“How do you usually come to school? ”Asked her teacher. “I usually come to school on foot.” said wei Hua.

“Well, it’s not late. What time do you usually leave home?” “I leave home at 7:40.”

“Why don’t you leave home a little earlier?” “I can’t.” “Why not?”

“My mother is ill.She stays in bed all day . So I must look after her. I must give her medicine(药)at the right time. It is 7:30 every morning. So I’m often late for school.” said Wei Hua with tears(眼泪)in her eyes.

1. Wei Hua’s home is near her school. ( ) 2. Wei Hua usually goes to school on foot. ( ) 3. Wei Hua gets up late. ( ) 4. Wei Hua gets to school early. ( ) 5. Wei Hua gives medicine to her mother at 7:30 every moning. ( ) 6. Wei Hua is a good girl. ( ) 九、作文:(6分)

以“My Day”为题写一篇小短文。写出你一天的主要活动。

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