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( )1、A. tomato B. potato C. peach

( )2、A. chicken B. beef C. milk

( )3、A. crayon B. desk C. chair

( )4、A. shoes B. skirt C. shirt

( )5、A. bread B. apple C. cake


( )1、A. tea B. seat C. bread

( )2、A. baby B. name C. cat

( )3、A. bike B. big C. little

( )4、A. how B. yellow C. window

( )5、A. mouth B. younger C. house

( )6、A. pain B. mountain C. tail


1. I am one year (大)than John.

2. My brother is (矮的)and (瘦的).

3.This pencil is than that one.

4. Tom is much than his brother.

5. I have a (发烧)and have a (头疼).

6. I like (星期二)and .

7. She is to hear the good news.


( )1、想知道对方的美术老师是谁,你可以这样问:

A. Is he your art teacher? B. Who’s your art teacher?

C. Who is your computer teacher?

( )2、想知道他是什么样子的,你可以这样问:


A. What’s he like? B. Is he short? C. Who’s he? ( )3、别人告诉你一个好消息,你应说:

A. Oh sorry. B. I’m glad to hear that. C. I’m so sad. ( )4、你想知道别人穿多大码数的鞋,你可以这样问:

A. How big are your feet? B. How long are your legs?

C. How big are your legs?

( )5、你想了解对方的身高,你可以这样问:

A. How high are you? B. How tall are you?

C. How heavy are you?

( )6、如果你问今天星期几,你应说:

A. What time is it? B. What’s the date today?

C. What day is it today?


( )1、How is you head?

A. big B. bigger C. tall ( )2、Is your brother than you?

A. taller B. tall C. longer ( )3、This ruler isn’t . It’s short.

A. long B. tall C. big ( )4、The little monkey is much .

A. funny B. funnier C. funner ( )5、What’s the matter you?

A. to B. with C. for

( )6、My leg .

A. hurt B. hurts C. hurting ( )7、How Ann feel today?

A. is B. do C. does ( )8、— are you? — I’m fine, thanks.

A. What B. Where C. How ( )9、Stay bed for a few days, please.

A. on B. in the C. in ( )10、The first day of the week is . 2

A. Monday B. Sunday C. Saturday

( )11、 days make(组成)a week.

A. Six B. Seven C. Five

( )12、We have P.E. 3:45 in the afternoon.

A. at B. on C. in

( )13、Is she university student?

A. a B. an C. new

( )14、— What your mother like? — She’s funny.

A. is B. does C. are

( )15、My brother isn’t tall, he’s very .

A. short B. tall C. kind



is your teacher?


He’s and than me.


I today.


My mom has a .


He’s and .


I often on evening.


I have two good friends. One is Amy, the other is Snoopy. Amy is a little white dog. She’s only one. She’s 23 cm tall. She’s 2 cm shorter than Snoopy. Its tail is about 8 cm tall. The black one is Snoopy, Amy’s twin brother. He is a little stronger than Amy. Every day I play with them after school. Amy likes sitting in front of the TV! She enjoys the cartoons! However, Snoopy likes playing a ball by himself. He likes sports!

( ) 1. My good friends are two dogs.


( ) 2. Amy isn’t a white dog.

( ) 3. Snoopy is 21 cm tall.

( ) 4. Snoopy is stronger than his sister.

( ) 5. Amy likes watching TV.


以“My English Teacher”为题,介绍一下你的英语老师(包括外貌特征,课程怎样)。


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