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Module 3 Unit 2

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January, February, one and two. March, April, three and four.

May, June, five and six.
July, August, seven and eight.

September, October, nine and ten.
November, December, eleven and twelve.

Questions: (group work) What is on the hat? What do people give children?

What is in the big eggs?
Which season is Easter Day in? When is Easter?

Practise: I give you the first word, you complete the sentence,then number.
( ) Easter ( ) Look ( ) Some

( ) Do
( ) Sometimes

( ) They
( ) There

( ) People

When is it? ______________________ What do people do?

What do children wear ? ____________________________ What do people eat? _____________________________

What do people say?
________________________________ What is the festival? _______________________

? is in spring.

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