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听力部分(共24分) 一、听音,给听到的音标词编号。4% 1. [k ?? t]( ) [l ?? d]( ) [s?? p]( ) [r??z] ( ) 2. [ka?nt] ( ) [ha?s] ( ) [l a?d] ( ) [ma?θ]( ) 二、听句子,选择最合适的答句。 6% ( )1. A. He is excited. B. I feel tired. C. She’s happy. ( )2. A. I have the flu. B. See the doctor. C. Take some medicine. ( )3. A. I got a new bag. B. I’m fine. C. My leg hurts. I can’t play football. ( )4. A. He’s a driver. B. He’s at home. C. He’s not well. 三、听音,补全句子。9% 1.____________ _________ _____________ ? My leg ___________. 2. Don’? . 4. My is ’t say any words. 四、听短文,用“T”或 “F”判断下列句子的正误。5% ( ) 1.Today is Tree-planting Day. ( ) 2.Tom and his classmates are going to the park. ( ) 3.There are many big trees on the mountains. ( ) 4.They are tired and sad.

( ) 5.John is tired because he can’t go.


一、用“T”或 “F”判断下列每组单词划线部分发音是否相同。6% ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )


A: Hi, Lily. A: _________________________? ? A: I am sad.

B: ______________________________________?

A: Because my parents are going to Hong Kong, but I can’t go.

B: ______________________________________?

A: They’re going there by plane.

B: ______________________________________?

A: They are going to go shopping in Hong Kong. B: I’m sorry to hear that.


1. My nose is s_____________.

2. I’m much t______________ than you.

3. She’s b____________ . She has nothing to do.

4. A: They look so e____________ . B: Yes, they won the football match.

5. The ball flies into John’s face, he is a little a______________ .

6. My ?j??ɡ?] brother has a [?hedeik].


1. How ___________ (do) he feel?

2. The boys __________________ (laugh) at Mike’s funny goal now.

3. My desk is longer than ___________ (you).

4. What’s the matter? My hands ___________ (hurt).

5. Don’t ___________ (stay) in bed, ____________ (do) some sports.

6. He usually _____________ (have) a picnic on the weekend.

五、选择填空。 8%

( ) 1.______ Jim feeling now?(A. What’s B. How’s C. Where’s)

( ) 2.--I have a bad cold. -- _______________.

(A. I’m sorry to hear that. B. It’s OK. C. Great.)

( ) 3.There is a football match _________Class 1________ Class 2.

(A. between; or B. for; and

C. between; and)

( ) 4. The ball bounced ________ Jack’s head. (A. on B. of C. off)

( ) 5.This story book is ______.(A. excited B. exciting C. are exciting)

( )6. He’s going __________ a big trip.(A. in B. for C. on)

( )7. I’m _______, because I failed the Chinese test.

(A. sad B. excited C. happy)

B. Jacks C. Jack’s) ( ) 8. Is this _________jacket? No, it’s mine. (A. Jack




3. Her throat is sore. (同义句转换

4. few, stay, a , for , in , days, bed ( . ) (连词成句)

5. match,we, to , going, football, have, are, a (.) (连词成句)


就划线部分提问) _________________________

就划线部分提问) __________________________

8. I’就划线部分提问) ___________________


1. A:_________________________________________________________

B: My father often reads newspapers in the evening.

2. A: ____________________________ ? B: Yes, he’s tired.

3. A: How do you feel when you get the flu? B:___________________

4. Are you students?(按实际情况回答问题)

八、阅读理解。15% A

It’s a fine Sunday morning. There are many people in the park. Many of them are young and some are old. There’s a big lake in the park. The water is clean. There are many fish in it, there are some boats on the lake. Three children are rowing a boat. Near the lake a young woman is running with her dog. Two men are playing badminton(羽毛球).What a good day!

(一) 根据短文内容判断正误,对的打“√”,错的打“×”。4%

1. There are no old men in the park. ( )

2. There is a lake in the park . ( )

3. The three children are running.


1. What’s the weather like?

3. Is the dog walking by the lake? B

It’s Sunday evening. Ben is very happy. Many friends come to his birthday party. They are playing games and eating lots of food: the birthday cake, hamburgers, French chips, pizza, sweets and chocolates. After the party, Ben doesn’t feel well. He has a stomachache. He goes to see a doctor and has some medicine. He feels better. Then he goes to bed. But he forgets to brush his teeth. He has a terrible toothache. He goes to the hospital again. This time, he takes more medicine. And he looks very sad.

用“T”或 “F”判断对错。(6%)

1. ( ) Ben’s birthday is on Saturday.

2. ( ) Ben eats little food at the meal.

3. ( ) Ben is ill after the birthday party.

4. ( ) Ben goes to the hospital three times.

十、小练笔(看图作文): 请描述一下如果你得了流感有何症状,应该怎么办?(不少于30个词)(8%)

______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________

______________________________________________________________ ( ) 4. There aren’t any fish in the lake. ( ) 密封 线内不要答题

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