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Unit 4 What are you doing? B Let’s learn

9:00 am on Sunday

listening to music

cleaning the room

write Writing …

writing a letter

I’m writing …

Dad is writing.

writing an e-mail

Mom is washing … clothes.





Can I speak to…,please?

Please hold on.(请稍等)

She is washing clothes.

A: Can I speak to your …, please? B: She is …,Please hold on. A: Thank you.

Mom, there’s a call for you.

Q1:What is Chenjie doing?

Q2:What is Mom doing?

Nina Mom

A: Hello. B: Hi. This is …. Can I speak to your mom, please. A: She’s …. Please hold on. B: Thank you. A: Mom, there is a call for you. C: Thank you.

电话中找人: Can I speak to…?
电话中自我介绍: This is … 告诉对方请稍等: Please hold on.

Game : 你演我猜

What is … doing? He’s …


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