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考生注意:1.考试时间:(30)分钟 2.总分( 100)分 卷面要求:(1)卷面干净、整洁、平整。

(2)卷面书写认真,规范,字有形。卷面整体美观,字成体。 (3)卷面没有错别字


一、 词汇: (10分)


1. I have four ping-pong ______ (ball). 2. He ___(play)sports every day.

3. Tom doesn’t play sports, he only _______(watch) them on TV. 4. I always play soccer with _____(they). 5.I like _____(sport)very much.

(B)根据首字母完成单词。 6.I don’t like math. It’s b______.

7.My sister doesn’t play sports. She only w____ them on TV. 8. – Let’s play ping-pong. –Oh, no. It’s d_____. I can’t play it.

9. I like playing basketball with my friends after class. It is great f_____. 10. The c______ in our class like tennis. They all like Li Na. 二、单项选择:(共40分)

( )1.Let’s play____ basketball. A. \ B. a C. the ( )2.The question is not easy. It’s very ______.

A.difficult B. boring C.relaxing

( )3.My father ____ a car, He likes it very much.

A.have B. has C.haves

( )4.Do you have two _______.

A.baseball balls B.baseballs bats C.baseballs bats

( )5.________Tom and Mike ______ volleyballs ?

A.Do, Have B.Does, have C.Does, has

( ) 6. -- _______ ? -- No, I don’t.

A. Can you play basketball B. Are you Li Lei C. Do you have a baseball ( ) 7. – Does you sister _______ a soccer ball? --Yes, she ______.

A. has, do . B. have; does . C. having; does

( ) 8. -- Let’s play tennis. --That sounds _______.

A . well. B. good C . more

( ) 9. --Do you have a computer game ? -- Yes They’re very _______. A. difficult. B. boring . C. interesting. ( )10.He _____ sports, he only _______ them on TV.

A. plays; everyday B.play; every day C.plays; watches ( )11. Let’s _________ TV.

A. look B.watch C.see

( )12.--Well, Let’s play tennis. – Sorry, I________ have a tennis racket. . A. am not B. don’t C. doesn’t ( )13.________ Tom and Mike _______ volleyballs?

A.Do, have B.Does, have C.Does, has ( )14.--Let’s play computer games. -- _______

A.Yes, we do. B.That sounds good. C.That’s all right. ( )15, I like playing basketball _______ I don’t like playing baseball.

A. but B. and C. only ( )16. We have __________ sports clubs.

A. a B. many C. lot of ( )17. Lily and Liz _______ a cat. They like it very much. A. have B. has C. there is ( )18. I don’t ______ a dictionary. She ______ one.

A. has; have B. have; have C. have; has ( )19. ______ your uncle ______ a new computer ?

A. Do; has B. Does; have C. Does; has

( )20. I like table tennis, It’s _______. A. interesting B. boring C. difficult

三、用方框中句子完成对话。(15分) A: Let’s play tennis.

’s play volleyball . A: Volleyball is boring. A: That sounds great. Do you have a basketball ? 根据短文内容, 选择最佳答案。

( )1. A. but B. and C. so ( )2. A. isn’t B. don’t C. doesn’t ( )3. A. have B. has C. is ( )4. A. bat B. bats C. balls ( )5. A. one B. two C. three ( )6. A. play B. know C. get B: No, I don’ A; Where is his basketball ? B: OK! Let’s go. 1._______ 2.______ 3._______ 4._______ 5.________



( ) 1.Do you have a tennis racket ? A: It’s under my bed ( )2.Let’s play ping-pong. B: Yes, they do ( )3.Does he have a ping-pong? C: No, she doesn’t ( )4. What color is your bat ? D; Yes, I do. ( )5.Do they have a TV? E. That sounds good. ( )6.Where is your basketball ? F: No, it isn’t ( )7.Does Emma have a brother ? G; Yes, he does. ( )8.Is this your volleyball ? H: It’s yellow. ( )9.Welcome to our school. I: Thank you ( )10.I don’t like math. J: It’s boring. 五、完型填空(15分)

Sam wants (想要a tennis ball. Mary has two ping-pong and ping-pong ball. They can ping-pong together(一起). Mary also has two three ’

( )7. A. ball ( )8. A. or ( )9. A. soccer ball ( )10.A. go B. balls B. but B. soccer balls B. ask C. basketballs C. and C. soccers ball C. find

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