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五年级英语上册阶段性测试(三) 班级 姓名 得分


整理床铺________________ 浇花_______________ _ 扫地_______________ put away the clothes________________ 洗衣服________________ empty the trash ___________ _ 摆餐具___________ do the dishes ___________ _ 洗碗碟___________ 使用计算机___________


( )1. What __________the monkey do?

A. are B. can C. do

( )2. I can _____________the clothes.

A. put B. away C. put away

( )3. Can you empty the trash?___________________.

A. No, I can. B. Yes, I can’t. C. No, I can’t.

( )4. I can ____________a computer well.

A. uses B. use C. to use D. using

( )5. What can you_______________?

A. do B. to do C. are

( )6.There is_____ air-conditioner in my room.

A. a B.an C.不填

( )7. There _____ a pen, a pencil and three erasers in my pencilcase.

A.are B.is C.am

( )8. - _____is the air-conditioner? -It’s over the mirror.

A.Who B.What C.Where

( )9.1.The picture is __ the wall.

A. at B. on C. in

( )10. There blue curtains.

A. are B. is C. am

三、将答语的正确序号填写到前面的括号中。 (10分)

( ) 1. What can you do? A. She can water the plants.

( )2. What can Sarah do? B. I can see a toy.

( )3. Can you use a computer? C. No, I can’t.

( )4.Where is the trash bin? D. It's near the door.

( )5. What can you see? E. I can wash the clothes.

四、按要求做题。 (10分)

1. .there, two, near, are, end tables, the, bed (连词成句) _________________________________________.

2.at, home, do, can, you, what (同上)


3. Can Sarah cook the meals ? (写出他的否定回答) ________________________________________

4. There is a computer on the desk .(一般疑问句) _________________________________________? 划线部分提问)



My name’s John. I have a happy family. We can do housework. My father can cook the meals .My mother can wash the clothes. My brother can do the dishes. My sister can set the table. I can put away the clothes.I love my family.

( )1.There are four people in John’s family.

( )2.John has a brother.He can set the table.

( )3.John’s father can cook the meals.

( )4.John’s clothes are dirty(脏的),his brother can help.

( )5.John has a happy family.


This is a picture of my room. There is a big bed. There are two blue curtains. There is a big table.The closet is near the table. Many clothes are in the closet. The trash bin is behind the door. The mirror is under the air-conditioner. What’s on the table? There is a computer. I work with it.

( )1.What color are the curtains?

A.White B.Blue C.Yellow

( )2.Where is the table?

A.It’s near the bed. B.It’s near the closet. C.It’s behind the door.

( )3.Where is the air-conditioner?

A.It’s on the table. B.It’s behind the mirror. C.It’s over the mirror.

( )4.What are in the closet?

A. A computer. B. A trash bin. C.Many clothes.

( )5.What can I do in my room?

A.Play computer games. B.Play football. C.Water flowers.

六、小练笔:每位同学一定都有自己的房间吧?你的房间一定被你布置得整洁大方吧?请你用There be句型介绍一下你房间的陈设,文章题目为My Room.(10分 )

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